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[Ref] Cethin de Valle by Gothamed [Ref] Cethin de Valle by Gothamed
UPDATE: [6/11/17] First posting, huzzah! Finally got my main character as of late a reference done, so that's pretty awesome! 

Fancy Information:
Name || Cethin de Valle
Alias || Ceth
DOB || January 11th
Age || Twenty (Probably)
Sex || Masculine
Gender || Masc/Male (He/Him)

Species || Unknown "Alien"
Race || Unknown
Height || 5'7" ft
Weight || 154 lbs.

Sexuality || Homosexual
Preference || N/A
Marital || Single
Role || Submissive

Education || Highschool Grad
Occupation || Ex-Space Explorer
Alignment || Questionable
Settings || Undecided 

Personality || Cethin is pretty much impossible to entirely understand, his views on things are somewhat strange and more often than not does he forget he's not on his home planet or out in the stars. And therefore he actually has to spend time relearning the things around him. His current location being an Earth-like setting and lacking in advanced technologies is something that he struggles to grasp. Mainly because he's used to extremely high-tech controlled situations. Even still, it's not difficult to hold conversations with Ceth as he's more than happy to talk in depth to anyone who shows him interest in return. He's not great at coming off as human, nor does he try very hard. If anything, he just likes being able to go skiing whenever he wants. (Will rewrite when it's not 6:45AM)

Other Facts ||
> Cethin doesn't come off very talkative, but he actually enjoys conversation.
> Has no real life outside of skiiing and swapping stories with random strangers.
> Dreams of travelling, getting off this stupid planet and back to the stars.
> Has antenna but they're usually combed into the longer part of his hair.
> Unnaturally good at mimicking handwriting styles without much effort.
> Watches a lot of sci-fi movies and reads a lot of crime novels.
> Spends most of the warmer days inside his wrecked spaceship thinking about world domination.
> Hates hot weather, warm drinks, super fresh food. Likes EVERYTHING to be cold.
> Doesn't like people who think they're so totally cool at totally everything.
> Challenges are cool, but he's not going out of his way to do anything stupid.
> Likes raccoons, cotton-candy, chrome plating, and human things.
> Isn't the best with human-things though.
> Has a shrimp-cat, alien thing named Soap.

[[ Profile || Expression Sketches || Outfit Alters ]]
Please note his feature a nsfw concept sheet. 

Art / Cethin belongs to me. 
Base used for the alternate outfits by vonibuu. 

This character is wrote, designed, and roleplayed in a custom built fantasy setting where science, reason, and other normal things have been altered to suit the multiverse. Aspects of this character do not mesh with real life, nor will they ever. Do not note me asking if this character is for sale, he is not. Thank you.  
Musical-Crayon Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
I love him so much, you did a stellar job! ;u; Your art is so precious<3
lol space boy joke
Gothamed Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you! 8D It took an otherworldly amount of time to get this done.~ 
Puns are the best. |Dc
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