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Gothiq Erotiq by Abrimaal
From the album "Basic Extinct", 2002. A story about a young woman working as a stripper to survive.

Five candles, one in her hand
Black wax tattoos meridians on her flesh
Incandescent is her soul
Her heart frozen, fingers cold
There's no love in her art
Leads the weak to suicide

She will tease you all
Breaking hearts one after one
And she's always saying no
To everyone begging for
Just one touch

Five fingers in three sixes
Thus she always says hello
This elegant composition
Is her way to contact the world

And when she celebrates her dance
She's the altar and the sacrifice
And there's no love in her heart
And she's always saying no
To everyone crying for
Being loved

And she always says goodbye
With that gesture of her hand
And she goes to sleep alone
And dreams of being loved
By anyone watching
Her wild show

And she's never found love
And she's never been touched
By anyone other
Than her late mother
Abrimaal Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
I really appreciate this. Recently I stumble over my dignity lying on the floor.
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