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Mary Had a Little Lamb by Jiel
Alrriiiiight. I have nooooo idea where this came from... i dont even remember writing it.. though i did just two seconds ago.... sooo... dont ask? please, cuz i hate not being able to answer, and i really dont know.

k, luv yall. bai.

oh... and its not really in any sort of pattern or form. so dont try to find one... lol

mary had a little lamb

her skin was whiter than the lamb's fleece
everyone would point and laugh
and everyday mary would sit
on her bed and cry

so mary went and threw away her clothes
and went out and bought new ones
black as the night
opposite her skin

and that night mary looked in the mirror
and thought to herself
'now my skin will look paler,
let them point and laugh'

mary went back to school
the very next day
covered from head to toe
in black fabrics of all sorts

and a boy her age
came up to her
and asked her 'why?'
she didnt know how to reply

so that night when she got home
she sharpened her nails to a point
and painted them black
and drew a pentagram on her wrist

she sat up all night
not wanting to sleep
for fear that she would chicken out
and not go to school like that

but she did
and the same boy came
and said

and this time she replied
'because of all of you.
you point and laugh
and i cry and die inside'

the boy looked at her
and solemly walked away
leaving mary to think

the boy went to his friends
and told them what she had said
and they all came up to her
and pointed and laughed

so mary went home that night
and sat on her bed
she pulled out her pocketknife
and cut the pentagram into her wrist

her mother found her
and called the ambulance
and they came
and took mary away

thirteen years later
mary was out of the hospital
and was walking down the street
and ran into that now not so little boy

he looked right at her
and smiled a very nervous smile
and asked her

to this she replied
'because i wanted to see
what it would be like
for you to be in pain.'

mary took out a gun
and shot the boy
right in the middle
of the street

then she shot herself
when she saw everyone pointing
but they werent laughing anymore
they were screaming

mary and the boy
they met in hell
and soon so did everyone else
who ever pointed and laughed.

nin-uss Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2010
that's amazing
Jiel Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you <^.^> i have no idea why i wrote it lol
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Submitted on
April 5, 2010