I've noticed a rise of declined submissions lately. I reviewed them and noticed that a number were clearly Gothic in nature.

Please be reminded that GotGoth is a non-elitist group. We accept all submissions that are Gothic.

:bulletblack: Any :devart: artist who is interested in Gothic art is welcome to join as a Member.

:bulletblack: Any form of Gothic art (including but not limited to: drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, fashion) is accepted.

:bulletblack: Any member Gothic art ranging from beginner to advanced levels is added to the "Gallery". Art must be submitted to the correct Gallery folder, depending on the medium used to create the work.

:bulletblack: Anyone may nominate Gothic art by other artists to "Favorites" (nominating your own art is not permitted, please join as a member and use the Gallery).

:bulletblack: Any Gothic art is added to "Featured" when it's clear that the artist has invested much time, thought, effort & skill into creating it.

:bulletblack: Work must be in compliance with deviantART Copyright Policy. If the work violates dA's rules, it will be declined and reported.

:bulletblack: No more than one photo from the same set (with similar composition), or of the same sculpture/artisan crafts will be accepted. Only the best photo should be submitted to the gallery to prevent overload.

If the member asks a question regarding declining of the work, contributors who declined the piece are obligated to answer. Those who do not want to deal with this responsibility should not be contributors.
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September 29, 2010
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