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Added: Six commissions added from multiple fandoms (Avatar, Harry Potter, Kare Kano and Inuyasha)

I'm a long time DA user (5+ years) but only recently switched to an account that didn't have my real name XD

When it comes to graphics, I do layouts and the occasional icon but no actual art. Instead, my favorites section on DA is what I pay attention to, adding new bits of shiny and organizing them into collections.

I also commission favorite artists for pieces when I can. So far, I've gotten the following done (listed from earliest onwards):
  1. Harry & Draco by makani
  2. Draco by Kidinair
  3. Scorpius & James by draykonis
  4. Toph by rei-i
  5. Harry & Draco mock up by Lilymon
  6. Zuko & Toph by Ninjatic
  7. Me over here and here by Loish
  8. Chibi Me by Bara-chan
  9. Grown Up!Toph Sketch by Pokefreak
  10. Kris Allen, Adam Lambert & Allison Iraheta by Lilymon
  11. Allison Iraheta by monster242
  12. Allison Iraheta by chira-chira
  13. Toph (as an adult) by janaschi & algenpfleger
  14. Casual!Toph in a Tea Shop by pokefreak
  15. Duo Maxwell - headshot by 90009 (@ livejournal)
  16. Inuyasha - headshot by 90009 (@ livejournal)
  17. Nathan (drawble) by glockgal (@ livejournal)
  18. Formal! Zuko & Toph by Charlie140588
  19. Casual Adult Toph by depingo (<3)
  20. Sparring!Zuko & Toph by DarkKenjie
  21. Grown up Edmund Pevensie (from Chronicles of Narnia) by keelerleah
  22. Grown Up Zuko & Toph (fighting stances) by Hardedge-Maelstrom
  23. Toph sitting under a tree by Iruka-Loves-Kakashi
  24. Sakura & Syaoran (card captor sakura) by Dark134
  25. Sketches of Toph & Zuko: Tea Room + piggy back ride o/ by Erina
  26. Harry & Draco at a pub/bar by Athena-chan
  27. Rogue by mausemouse
  28. chibi!Zuko & Toph by lira_alicia
  29. Naruto, Sasuke & Ramen | Duo & Heero | Chibi!me by kai-isolated
  30. Elizabeth Bennett by cacodaemonia
  31. Natsume & Madara | Miyata & Ippo (Hajime no Ippo) | Arima & Yukino (Kare Kano) by java-mint
  32. Edmund Pevensie by cacodaemonia
  33. Zuko & Toph by DS-Hina
  34. Draco Malfoy + Edmund Pevensie: HERE by Tsulala
  35. AU historical fantasy Harry & Draco by Samurai-PET
  36. Ambushed!Zuko by theyoungdoyler
  37. Inuyasha & Kagome + Heero/Duo(gift for sharona1x2) by Samurai-PET
  38. Naruto & Sasuke by Julie Dillon
  39. Older Toph (on the ground) by Enduro
  40. [new] Scenic!Zuko & Toph by anndr
  41. [new] Harry/Draco Charity Pic by Loika
  42. [new] Inuyasha & Kagome by Razuri-chan
  43. [new] Arima & Yukino (Kare Kano) by Sihu
  44. [new] Zuko by Saharaam
  45. [new] Zuko & Toph: Serenade by Lilsuika

I spend all my time otherwise on livejournal so if you're looking for more than favorites, check that out instead.
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If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have some of the masterpieces we have on deviantart. Especially concerning Zuko and Toph for me. So thank you, thank you so much!
Raving-Psychotic's avatar
I just discovered that most of my favourite Toph and Toph & Zuko pieces on deviantart were commissioned by you! And for that I must thank you, for contributing the existence of these works for our viewing pleasure :)
Acaciathorn's avatar
These are all fabulous! Way to generate more Avatar and Inuyasha fanart ;P Thanks for supporting us artists :#1:
MsAsharah's avatar
I really admire people like you whose support artist. Thank you!
MiraBlack's avatar
amazing commission list! you commissioned awesome works!
Really cool! i will fave some and you got a llama from me ^^
dulcis-absinthe's avatar
THANK YOU. For pointing me in the direction of amazing ZukoxToph pictures and Toph pictures <333
SoniaMatas's avatar
Oh GOD, you've commissioned awesome works!! O____O I'm doing commissions, but not as great as this awesome artists ^^UUUU

flamehead23a's avatar
your contribution to the "pictures of Adult Toph on DA" is so significant I can't even put it into words. The pictures you've commissioned have provided me with inspirations for almost a year now, and I just wanna thank you and whoever you're boss is for giving you a big enough pay-check to do what I can't-- Commission the hell out of talented artist with great ideas and even greater results.
Nethrion's avatar
The world needs more people like you. Then there'd be no more starving-artists stereotype.
Seriously. If I had an lj I'd be adding you post-haste.
gossymer's avatar
Lol, I think everyone has that one thing that they're willing to go the distance for - whether it be bags or shoes or jewellry...or art XD Personally I kinda hope it doesn't catch on with *everyone* since then fave artists will probably never have the time for peeps like me XD
Nethrion's avatar
I'm so stingy with my money that I don't think I really *have* one of those "one things". If I buy anything, which is rare, it's quality/pricier than most, which I can only get 'cause I'm not using my money on anything else.
(Either that or I just have expensive taste...)
It would totally be art for me if I had the proper space to display it, though.

Ooohhh, this is true D:
Okay, so a BIT more people like you. Except, they like fantasy-stuff, dragons. and anthro and wouldn't commission the same people you would (and none of them would be like those who just want to commission half-naked girls).
That'll work.
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