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Patron Request - May | Mermaid Dance


Finished this illustration for my Patrons for Mermay! Definitely the biggest work I've ever done with Copics, especially the background! I learned a lot while drawing this and experimenting with the background, and I made a few mistakes, but I'm still really pleased with how it turned out! I really like this colour pallet - I saved it so I can use it again on future projects ^^ I'll also be working on making a video of this one, but it's going to take a lot of time to combine clips from my phone and computer together, so thanks in advance for being patient!

If you want to colour the lineart of this, I'd love to see it! You can purchase the colouring page on my Gumroad.

To read more about this and see the original scan or lineart, you can read the public post on my Patreon!

  • Patrons on Patreon have free access to the Colouring Page version! Non-patrons must buy this from my Gumroad store. 
  • Conditions: If you post a coloured version of this artwork online, you must provide credit to me by linking to my Gumroad store ( ), Patreon page (, or personal website ( ).   

These pictures will be uploaded on all my social media. If you wish to share it, please visit my accounts rather than re-uploading this image! 
Print will not contain my watermark if you buy it through DeviantArt!

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Kairu-Hakubi's avatar

so nice!!

another Mermay gone without me participating. Something bad always comes up in life this time of year ^^'

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Awe, that's really too bad! I know what you mean though, I usually feel like there's way too much going on to participate in Inktober. You can always draw mermay themed artwork at other times of the year and wait to post it until May!

Kairu-Hakubi's avatar

I know.. and someone says that every year lol. hell i'm drawing mermaid stuff for Takkyu Tournament. it's just not the same.

GossArt1323's avatar

I looked up Takkyu Tournament... are you doing art for a game? That's so cool! But yeah, it's really not the same :/

Kairu-Hakubi's avatar

yes yes :D it still doesn't feel real, actually being on a game project with a published work.. all the ones I worked on in the past gave up.

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That's so cool that you're working on a game! I'm glad this one is getting published!

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