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My wolf RP has been open for over a year now. But I was inactive for a while for personal reasons, and now...It's nearly dead.

Honestly don't want to let it go. But let's do a recount of the staff...
- One went on hiatus ages ago and never came back.
- One was gone for medical reasons, came back, and disappeared again (can't blame her...but it's still frustrating)
- One has been inactive for ages and keeps saying "I'll come back!" but NEVER DOES (you know who you are...Just tell the truth instead of leading us on. I know you've only lost interest because your character isn't powerful and popular anymore).
- One sort of...Went away?
- And one is still there. Thanks, Fallow. ILU.

And I'm trying to kickstart the site with a big idea that I have, but I'm not getting any feedback D<I don't want Degree to die, she's my baby! I worked SO hard on her and it's just soooo annoying.

The thing is, even though no one is active now...If I closed it, so many people would say crap like "This site was so great! Why did you close it? You're SOOOO horrible! Bring it back!" and so on. Well, if you care SO MUCH, don't ABANDON it!


<End pointless rant>
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I'll say this was pointless. The energy it took to write this little blurb could have easily been applied to reaching out to your staff instead of just belittling them. But you seem pretty hot on making yourself out to be the tragic hero and others to be those who just aren't good enough.

And if the previous comment was anything to go by, I can't blame your staff for deserting you. Get over yourself.
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gossamer-web Digital Artist
If it makes you feel any better, I'm going to quit RPing anyway.
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It doesn't, actually. I feel like you're a decent person, but you just like to be on your high horse too much. To quit RPing just because there are a handful of people who disagree with you? That doesn't make you any better than the staff members that you complained about above. Why don't you actually just do something about it instead of skiving off because you hit a few snags?
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OverTheWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Actually, it was because someone decided to call me stupid and put me down. Way to make your staff like you.
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gossamer-web Digital Artist
Then why didn't you just say that?
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I would love to join the site :)
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littlestwingsProfessional General Artist
That's the trouble with roleplaying everywhere; be it forums, websites, MUCKs or games. I apologize if its somewhere blatently obvious and I'm just being oblivious but do you have a link to? I'd love to join and help you out. :) I'm not the best roleplayer but I'm online every day unless I'm working and I'm dying for a place to roleplay!
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