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This chapter was half written and kind of at a stall when I asked :iconvenustumnox: if I could use some of her images for inspiration and illustration. I soon found myself writing enough for two chapters, and had to break off at this point to keep the size manageable!

I've already put myself halfway through chapter 28, and have another fine photo from :iconvenustumnox:'s collection to use as illustration for that.

This chapter is a bit different due to the mental state Marie finds herself in!
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wonderful, purely wonderful but I must know when will she meet her Mistress!!!
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Oh now that would be telling!
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Gosp.... my god! You've been working the words like they're your bitch. This is amazing, that's all I have to say, and as always I'm amazed. I want to say more but I can't, this is too amazing! I demand more! (When I get around to the next.) I must say, though, as always, Marie has always been my favorite work of yours! Definitely pleasing. Made my day, sir!
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Thank you again for your encouraging cheerleading!

I plan to take a teensy break from Marie to work on part 2 of the Stella story. Once I've polished that off, I plan at least one more chapter of Marie set at the mansion and then she'll be back home with Angelica.
I have obviously missed the first 26 chapters... interestingly, though, this piece stands alone quite nicely. I'm not sure whether to move backward or await the future installment. Any suggestions? BTW, have you ever checked out the Top Floor of It is very reminiscent of the world you have created here.
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Hm, are you sure you've missed The Enslavement of Marie? It could have sworn you commented on one of the chapters. Perhaps the use of an illustration image threw you off from the normal "branding"?

The series started as a more casual writing project in e-mail between :iconlakritz69: and me, and we alternated chapters some. English is not her native language, so I edited some of her chapters a little (but it's still very clearly her writing). I think the collaboration also gave me the confidence to just start putting up some of my rougher work online.

The story has a single developing plot that probably benefits from starting at the beginning.

I had seen some stills from The Upper Floor, but never any video. I created this setting in the story because I wanted to explore Marie's maid duties (one of my favorite fetishes!) some, and I'd gone a long time without.
You're right. It is called the Upper Floor. It has the same flavor as this story, but I prefer the scenes on Sex and Submission more.

Now, as for your story, I don't think I did read this previously, but I intend to soon. Like right now...
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