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More Startailed Goodness

.......I have a gift of picture titles don't I? XD

And yes! It's a RUUUUUUUUUDY!!! =^ ^= yumekitsune

I owe this picture to him for SEVERAL occassions.
The main one being for putting up with me all these years that I've known him. [That alone being several in itself now that I think about it.. c.c;]

Which might explain why I made this picture so colorful. ^ ^ [And upped the level of lens flares to "Cardiac Arrest." ^ ^]

[...The default setting being 'Massive retina damage", but this was a special occassion as you all should understand.]

For those who don't know, this would be Rudy Startail. As you can see I've only drawn in one tail of his. I could do the rest, but I only bought a single sketch book with me. c.c;; [for those who know HOW he gets those tails, I'll let you know I'm responsible for numbers #999,963 through #999,971.... number 999,987, numbers 999,988 and still counting....]

...See. This is what he looks like when you're... NOT being engulfed by him. Yes, he takes time to float off though space in mystic stardust lounge chairs. He can do that. And if he can't we shall not complain. c'.c

The coloring here is DEFINATELY off [Since I had to switch computers while drawing this and take the unfinished version to a slower computer...] so if you find some mistakes, well... eh. ^ ^;;;

I still say he deserves it regardless. =^ ^=
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Awww! That is so adorable!:aww: