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Black Gatomon- For Moonwing

Look at the date on this one. o.o

It's not OLD old, but not that recent now is it? ^ ^;;

This is a picture of a little black kitten of mine. As you've realized, I really like Gatomon/Tailmon. ^ ^;

The background was from...well, geez, I can't remember, I think Psylocke's stage from X-Men or so. My friend, Chris, to whom I owe my left kidney to for giving me the inspiration for this, let me have a bunch of video game based backgrounds in which I use to make screen shot like art.
[That's my theme., as you've seen in Wind Tailmon's picture]

But this picture was specifically for a friend of mine, who, if she be reading this I ask: PUT THE VANILLA COKE DOWN!!!!!

[Inside joke. Chances are I've saved you all. c.c;]

But she's a very sweet little person. Just...
....a little over caffienated.. ^ ^;;;
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You are not alone...I love anything Gatomon! I have a character like this.