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Ami Neko- Amisay


Here's a picture of this guy I'll start uploading for the end of the month.
[Like you couldn't tell it was him by looking at it. Really people. XP] Plus I already sent him a picture for him to color. After I did, I wanted to make another before he could completly color it in. [REVENGE!!!!!! XD]

I was in a hurry while I scanned it [I had to scan 12 pictures in 8 minutes downtown at a computer library before a class showed up in the room I was in. So I was a little pressed for time. c.c;]

Point of intrest here- Amisay's [Ami Neko!!! XD] stripes. Note how the black outline is not around them and they're completely blue? That's an effect I'm proud of. Same thing with the eyes.

Which I learned how to do from THIS GUY RIGHT HERE dragma-ray

I think the other point I like is that I couldn't find a good enough background. So I improved and made one! [Hey, when you want some good scenery, make it yourself. ^ ^;]

Although those clouds are not bright enough.. o`.o They need to be bright enough to cause some major eye damage. I DEMAND SATISFACTION!!!!!

*coughs* Um....the purple Ami Neko is (c) Amisay. Go see him. Because I said.
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Awwww! Very cute!