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A concept for personal training, because I forgot how to paint.
My job was consuming all my energy so I decided to quit and get back to drawing again.

First personal piece in almost two years...nothing special, but I have to start over from somewhere, right?
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So much calming as charming warrior! 
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Yes like a veteran :) thanks
Nice! Mind if I use this as a character portrait?
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Sure, go ahead :)
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may I please promote your work on my site?
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Sure, thanks a lot :)
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Looking forward to what you make next!
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A very down-to-earth design. tiem for BRUNCH, old chap 
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That is what I tried to achieve, thank you!
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Bowman, cool work :) 
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Your skill in art is very great indeed! Well done; and greetings from the Laurelin server of The Lord of the Rings Online: the magical, mythical world of J.R.R. Tolkien brought to life. Do you know of it?

Pray, do have a look:…

I/we are ever eager and glad to have more appreciators of Middle-earth with us. I hope you come! Come and join many other Tolkien fans of all levels of knowledge and kinds (musicians, role players, artists, and even scholars and linguists) on the lore-immersive server: Laurelin.
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Wow, this is great work! I am a high fantasy author looking for a concept artist for a few of my characters. These concepts wont be for commercial use but be for my own person use to keep with all my other documents. If you are interested please email me at Again, great work!

Love and light, 
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He looks incredible, man. I am writing a story and I felt chills looking at your archer, as he has the likeness of the father of the heroines of my piece. Would it be okay if I used this character's likeness for him? Of course, credit would be given.
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Wow, thank you. I am glad you are feeling inspired by my character and you have my permission to use it for your story :)
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Thank you so much! :3
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