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First environment thing from me for a long time, I'm really bad at that :) But it was fun painting anyway, hope you enjoy!
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To me, you're not bad at environmental art at all!
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I must try to do a new one, thank you! :)
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this is very beautiful !!!
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Peaceable kingdom.
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TearsofTurquoise's avatar
Love the marbly style of the trees and awesome reflection on the water! Lighting is pretty well done as well :heart: :aww: 
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Thanks for looking at the details! :D
LightBringerLukey's avatar
Your brushstrokes are effing fantastic man
Goshun's avatar
Thanks man, I am glad you like!
tinselswan's avatar
This is so pretty and quiet I could die ='D
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pip-pip-rah's avatar
no shh i think it looks amazing
lou2209's avatar
oh this is lovely! really like those hints of bright colour c:
Jessibels's avatar
Adore this, the colour scheme is on point and it just seems so dreamlike... Gorgeous work.
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Thank you, I was aiming for this dreamlike feel :)
lemur-llama's avatar
This is really cool. Very soft, cool, and full of history. I want to go here.
fateforever's avatar
Bad?:O It's really good and the colors are lovely!!
0Umizu0's avatar
You are not bad at all, it's really nice :3
Heyriel's avatar
'Really bad' haha, you haven't seen my free handed environments xD
I think this is really good, especially the colors!
sabin-boykinov's avatar
so much beauty in this work my friend !
imikaya's avatar
I'd like to go there for a little adventure.
gabrielwillames's avatar
haha fabulous bro,nicelly done :D
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