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Two Inky Dorks Sittting in the Dark Together by Goshawk-Gyrefalcon Two Inky Dorks Sittting in the Dark Together :icongoshawk-gyrefalcon:Goshawk-Gyrefalcon 4 2 Floaty by Goshawk-Gyrefalcon Floaty :icongoshawk-gyrefalcon:Goshawk-Gyrefalcon 3 3 Star Knight by Goshawk-Gyrefalcon Star Knight :icongoshawk-gyrefalcon:Goshawk-Gyrefalcon 4 6 Sakaar Has Shitty Service by Goshawk-Gyrefalcon Sakaar Has Shitty Service :icongoshawk-gyrefalcon:Goshawk-Gyrefalcon 2 0 The Grand and Magnificent Metacarpa by Goshawk-Gyrefalcon The Grand and Magnificent Metacarpa :icongoshawk-gyrefalcon:Goshawk-Gyrefalcon 2 0 family picture by Goshawk-Gyrefalcon family picture :icongoshawk-gyrefalcon:Goshawk-Gyrefalcon 4 7 this is my very offended face by Goshawk-Gyrefalcon this is my very offended face :icongoshawk-gyrefalcon:Goshawk-Gyrefalcon 0 2 love runs out lyrics do not suit this by Goshawk-Gyrefalcon love runs out lyrics do not suit this :icongoshawk-gyrefalcon:Goshawk-Gyrefalcon 2 1 Space Cat Knight and Cat by Goshawk-Gyrefalcon Space Cat Knight and Cat :icongoshawk-gyrefalcon:Goshawk-Gyrefalcon 1 3 SkekSil/Chamberlain by Goshawk-Gyrefalcon SkekSil/Chamberlain :icongoshawk-gyrefalcon:Goshawk-Gyrefalcon 2 2 Leonard Bernstein by Goshawk-Gyrefalcon Leonard Bernstein :icongoshawk-gyrefalcon:Goshawk-Gyrefalcon 0 0 Jim Henson 7 by Goshawk-Gyrefalcon Jim Henson 7 :icongoshawk-gyrefalcon:Goshawk-Gyrefalcon 1 2 Jim Henson 6 by Goshawk-Gyrefalcon Jim Henson 6 :icongoshawk-gyrefalcon:Goshawk-Gyrefalcon 3 0 JIm Henson 5 by Goshawk-Gyrefalcon JIm Henson 5 :icongoshawk-gyrefalcon:Goshawk-Gyrefalcon 1 0 Jim Henson 4 by Goshawk-Gyrefalcon Jim Henson 4 :icongoshawk-gyrefalcon:Goshawk-Gyrefalcon 1 0 Jim Henson 3 by Goshawk-Gyrefalcon Jim Henson 3 :icongoshawk-gyrefalcon:Goshawk-Gyrefalcon 1 0


Napstablook the Ghost by MapleDemon Napstablook the Ghost :iconmapledemon:MapleDemon 11 1 Heeheeee... He Got Caught by MapleDemon Heeheeee... He Got Caught :iconmapledemon:MapleDemon 24 20 Ran Out of Black Ink by MapleDemon Ran Out of Black Ink :iconmapledemon:MapleDemon 30 12 Sammy Lawrence by MapleDemon Sammy Lawrence :iconmapledemon:MapleDemon 29 12 WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!! by MapleDemon WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!! :iconmapledemon:MapleDemon 41 16 AXE IT IN THE FACE OR SOMETHING-- by MapleDemon AXE IT IN THE FACE OR SOMETHING-- :iconmapledemon:MapleDemon 74 31 YoU wIlL nEvEr GeT aWaY fRoM mE......... by MapleDemon YoU wIlL nEvEr GeT aWaY fRoM mE......... :iconmapledemon:MapleDemon 91 19 Just a lil' somethin' I drew... by MapleDemon Just a lil' somethin' I drew... :iconmapledemon:MapleDemon 168 58 Tutu Tantrum ( Part 2 ) by VanxllaVixen Tutu Tantrum ( Part 2 ) :iconvanxllavixen:VanxllaVixen 531 60 Spoiling is a Terrible Sin by InkHyaena Spoiling is a Terrible Sin :iconinkhyaena:InkHyaena 164 25 He Will Set Us Free by InkHyaena He Will Set Us Free :iconinkhyaena:InkHyaena 160 14 .:New Bow:. by InkHyaena .:New Bow:. :iconinkhyaena:InkHyaena 169 16 Sprinter Legs by InkHyaena Sprinter Legs :iconinkhyaena:InkHyaena 141 14 Bored Boy by InkHyaena Bored Boy :iconinkhyaena:InkHyaena 131 13 Summer is Coming by InkHyaena Summer is Coming :iconinkhyaena:InkHyaena 173 23 Inky Wings by InkHyaena Inky Wings :iconinkhyaena:InkHyaena 250 18


Star Knight, now named Solaire, and the amazing Trefoil-underscore 's SpacePunk Cat Knight (and Bean!) floating around in space. ... I forgot about the scarf until I'd drawn everything else ^^' ALSO the return of *finger-wiggle* lazy anti-space.


At least SpacePunk Cat Knight and Bean belong to the amazing Trefoil-underscore 
Also (adding onto my last status post) I am leaving to a family music camp on Thursday sO yeah. For like a week. Or more. A little bit more. I will possibly VIOLIN and also draw and probably be in the kids play! !!! (No I'm not a kid I'm a teen but it's really fun and I'm just about young enough I think) YES THE SAME THING I WAS METACARPA IN aaaaahh!!!

But anyway yeah. There is this guy in the coffee house who has a yoda hat and likes Star Wars son the camp is exponentially cooler bc STAR WARS I drew a thing about the dark side and Turkish coffee I wonder if that's stil gonna be there this year hmm ok Imma STOP this word-vomit and got to SLEEP good nIGHT
'K so bc I'm good at humaning and have very good self control about art-stuffs, I have described to work on an animatic using Una and a little of Ben IN ADDITION to the animation I'm already doing which is technically for star-Grillby (ooh just got an idea for a scene) AND helping my mom with stuff for her PUPPET THING ITS GONNA BE AWESOME (I'm doing someone she don't wanna meet, in sculpy(!)(I love it!), aka a "big" scary monster hand which is actually about the size of my hand bc the puppets are less than a foot tall) and also.... Other stuff? Like the various random stuff that's not urgent like extended phoenix metaphor and like ummyeah idk?

Also hellfire is a really good song ;D
tho seriously why do Disney villains have such awesome music.
Star Knight
So, I was talking with the amazing Trefoil-underscore and they came up with this amazing character design (they're a star, under that armor, by the way). Anyway, what Trefoil said was "white armor with star-like spines on the helm, which has no slots for eyes or breath, and a blue feather cloak. Can't/doesn't?, talk, but signs and writes. Signs its name as + because it looks a bit like a star."

Is this the right shade of blue, the right spines?

...honestly, I think it looks like something from the same continuum as SpacePunk Cat Knight and Bean (that's the cat's name right?)

Doodling them next to SP Cat Knight and they look about seven or eight feet tall, so yeah. This spiky spacefarer is seven or eight feet tall, I'm not sure.

Hope it's good ;D

...but in case anyone is interested:
WoF: Star Wars
  • Armitage Hux, for all that he is a SkyWing, is absolute shit at flying with his own wings. 
  • Hux is incredibly polished in appearance, though he is not gleaming to the point of extreme vanity. His horns, talons, and spines are also well kept and trimmed, though not cropped to the same degree as the 'Troopers'
  • Kylo Ren is a hulking apparent Sand/Night hybrid with at least mind reading abilities. Snoke is teaching (or "teaching") him how to use his Animus abilities 
  • It is possible that in Kylo's life as Ben, dragons teased him for his large size and hybrid-hood, especially being the only offspring of a high-ranking dragoness. "Oh, sure you don't have any MudWing blood in there, Solo?" (He probably does but that is irrelevant.) Hux might also have made snide remarks, but unlikely. 
  • Kylo wears a huge black cape and mask much of the time
  • Rey is a wiry SandWing
  • Dragons are more comfortable and stable on four legs, but can walk or sit back on their hind legs, usually with the help of their tails and sometimes their wings. 
  • Anakin, Schmi, and most dragons from desert planets (such as Bodhi, the Whills, and Rey) are SandWings 
  • Padme was a RainWing
  • Luke takes more after his father, though he is still fairly RainWing-like in appeareance. It's overlookable in most circumstances though. 
  • Leia takes after her mother, though she looks a great deal more like a SandWing than the average RainWing
  • Han Solo is mostly a NightWing. Good chance of some mixed breeding in there (see his broad, square scales, his nearly-nonexistent barbels, the faint ridges on the undersides of his talons, the way it sometimes takes a moment too long for fire to come)
  • Ben Solo was lucky to look predominantly Sand and Night, with a RainWing's long limbs. He has the tendency to curl his tail up (Sand and Rain), and has more inherent prehensile ability with it than most non-RainWings. He has mind reading, and possibly future-sight. 
  • Phasma is a IceWing with a severe gaze and posture like a steel rod. She does legitimately care about the 'Troopers under her command and in her care. Her spines and ruff are trimmed to the same degree as the troopers, but her horns are left slightly longer. 
  • Stormtroopers have regulation-cut horns and spines. 
  • Finn is a MudWing, and smaller than Kylo Ren, who is not. 
  • Poe Dameron is a SkyWing who is incredibly good at flying with both his own flesh-and-blood wings and those of a shuttle
  • Hux's wing arms, hind legs, tail, and core are especially strong and his balance is especially good because he has the habit of walking around or pacing while holding or working on something in his foreclaws.
  • Qui-Gon Jinn was a SkyWing, though he was much more mild and calm than common, being a Jedi. His colors were also much duller, kind of a washed-out pale orange-red. He was also very tall, quiet, and resolute. 
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi was a long-suffering SeaWing. 
  • Mace Windu is a NightWing. He is mysterious and dark and purple and grumpy and prideful. 
  • Chancellor Palpateen was a RainWing. 
  • Count Dooku was a IceWing/MudWing hybrid. The MudWing ancestry is subtle, simply making him slightly more grey-brown, blunt (in body), and boxy. He very firmly defies the stereotype that MudWings are all unintelligent. 
(yes, there are still starships and that kind of thing. It's basically just Star Wars... but changed somewhat because everyone happens to be a dragon.
If you can think of any improvements please comment?


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