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Hey guys, I'm in the process of moving the online Radio Gosha store to Storenvy...  << Storenvy shop…  << Marketplace page

I love some of the features of Storenvy and think it'll be a better suit for me than hosting it myself.

In addition to the move, I've put up a lot of prints of fan-artwork I've drawn over the past year.  You can check it all out on the shop. I also have a 10% off promotion going if you use the coupon 'FBGOSHA10'.

Thanks to anyone who checks it out~!

From now until January 1st, you can get the Radio Gosha X Disko Warp animation DVD and music CD set for only $10 plus shipping! Also included are three random Radio Gosha character stickers~! This is a great deal~! Thanks ahead of time to anyone that orders! If it is within the next couple days, you’ll most likely receive it before Christmas if you are located in the US.

For more information about the set and to order, please check out the link below!……

Having a shirt sale through the rest of the month. Prices range from only $5 to $15! All printed on American Apparel using water-based inks! Need to clear some stock to make room for future project. Yessah~!

In other news, I've been preparing a new animation project.  In the storyboarding and concept stage still, but should be starting on actually animating it soon.  Similar to Hej Sokoly, it'll be somewhat dark/depressing.  I promise I'll do another animation with a happy ending one day though!

I've been getting some requests for prints lately for some of my pieces.  I'm in the process of organizing some of them for print and should have them available in the next couple of weeks.  I'll be sure to let people know when they are up.

Hope everyone is well and thanks again for your support!… << 5/14 Daily Deviation!!!!

I noticed today that my piece, "Constants and Variables" was selected as a Daily Deviation for 5/14!  I'm very honored and just wanted to make a journal entry say thank you for everyone that has checked it out!

I also put up my new piece 'Low Click of a Ticking Clock", which has seen a barrage of views/favorites.  I'm very happy with the reception towards it.  I never really expected it to get viewed and enjoyed by so many people!

I'll keep this short, but again, just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has checked out my works/gallery in the last couple of days.  ᕦ(_ˇ)ᕤ
I've been posting these on my Facebook, but for anyone interested, I've been doing blog posts to detail out the design/development of my collaborative animation work with Disko Warp.  So far I've done ones for Less Than Three and Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire.

I plan on going down the list through Hej Sokoly.



I'm not a writer, but hopefully you guys find some of it interesting!  I scanned and archived a lot of rough sketches from my works on my Radio Gosha x Disko Warp DVD as an extra, so a few of those are featured in the articles as well.
This month has flown by wayyy tooo fast.    Just letting people know that I'll be attending Sakura Con and exhibiting in Artist Alley table 413. I put together a handy flyer to point out where the table is.… << FLYER!

I'll be selling t-shirts, buttons, prints, charms and will be giving out free smiles to those who walk by!  I will also be selling Disko Warp merchandise, including out new Radio Gosha x Disko Warp DVD/CD package, the new Hardcore Advance CD, and a few other things.

So, if you are going to Sakura Con, be sure to stop by TABLE 413 and say hi, hello, or whatever~!

For more Sakura Con info, please go here
I don't think I've posted anything about this here yet, but I'm going to be at the Seattle-based Emerald City Comic Con this weekend along with Disko Warp!

We'll have a table at A-07 in the exhibitors hall.  There will be all sorts of goodies to check out, from the new Radio Gosha x Disko Warp DVD/CD to some great new prints!  In addition, we'll have shirts, stickers, buttons, other cds and prints!  If you are planning on coming, but sure to stop by and say hi, it should be fun times!  Here is a quick info card I put together with a little more information about this as well..…  << INFO CARD

Right now I'm trying to wrap up a Seattle-themed print.  If I get it done in time, I'll have an exclusive limited 15 print run of it available at the booth!  Going to be an exciting weekend!…  <<< PROJECT HERE

Radio Gosha X Disko Warp LIVING A COLORFUL LIFE, an eclectic collection of sights and sounds.

Guys, we are getting there! About 2/3rds there! I figure I should let people know a few updates about the project. Here are a few of the art print reveals and song remixes!

Dekotora Tank Brigade


and song remixes!

Kick & Punch "Space Space Shooter (AKBK "DJ Command" Remix)…

Initial P / "U.F.O. Catcher (Ian K & Doughboy Remix)…

Lucky Princess - Deadbeat Boyfriend (Super Science "Type BF" Remix)…

Fright Ranger - Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (Francisco Gaitan Remix)…

More remixes will be revealed soon! Also attached a preview pic of the menus being created so far. Thanks again to anyone who backs/pledges! This will be a super cool package once everything is said and done if the project is successful!……  << KICKSTARTER HERE

I'm proud to announce, in conjunction with Disko Warp, a new DVD/CD project that we are doing.

"Radio Gosha X Disko Warp LIVING A COLORFUL LIFE", an eclectic collection of sights and sounds.

This is two disc DVD/CD set that Disko Warp is running a Kickstarter for in hopes that it happens.  The DVD side being a collection of my collaborative music videos with them over the years and the CD side being a collection of the music featured in the videos, in addition to a slew of remixes from producers around the world!

In addition to the project itself, for the Kickstarter there is a set of 7 prints.  These will be exclusive to the Kickstarter itself and will represent each Disko Warp related animation I've done.  Each one is also set with a Japanese theme, ranging from dekotora to Japanese street fashion.

All of my animations have been properly re-encoded into anamorphic widescreen with the best audio quality we have.  In addition, the DVD also includes some extra adverts I've done over the years.

I'm very excited about this project, it means a lot to me to have the animations I've done over the past 6-7 years together in one really cool package.  I don't want to seem like I'm bombarding you guys with projects too, this will be the last Kickstarter I'm a part of for a little bit.  We are really hoping to make this happen in time for our busy upcoming convention schedule.

I hope you guys enjoy and help make this happen!  You can find out more information about the set/incentives by clicking the link at the top of this.…  << KICKSTARTER IS HERE!

You may have already seen in your DA feed the mockups I put up, for those who haven't, I just launched a Kickstarter to get two new designed based on my animations for "Pussy Game" and "UFO Catcher" printed!  If you back the project, in addition to the shirt, you can also get some cool buttons, prints, and other items, including sketches by me!

The project itself runs for 15 days.  It's short because I also have a DVD project in the works that will be starting soon from Disko Warp.   So, if you are interested in getting on of these new designs as a shirt, please check out the kickstarter link at the top of this DA post! Thanks again to anyone who backs and for all the support you guys have given me over the years! << Youtube

I thought I would write up a journal entry to let people know that my new animatino for Initial P of Disko Warp's rendition of "Hej Sokoly" is now up for your viewing pleasure.

This is my 7th collaboration, and is a bit of a sci-fi take on the traditional Polish/Ukrainian folksong, which translates as "Hey Falcons".

"The dispute between two kingdoms must be settled before it is too late. Follow the exploits of the Falcons as they make an urgent delivery. The end of one man's selfish tale brings a future to those who continue living in this strange world, but at what cost?"

I also have it available on Newgrounds, so if you can vote/review on there, that would be sweet!  It really means a lot to me.…  <<< newgrounds

I hope you guys enjoy this!  It's a little confusing, if you want to understand what its more about, just google search for English Hej Sokoly lyrics. Thanks again to anyone who views!
Sorry for my lack of updates on here.  As I've posted before in my preview pics, I've been currently working on a new animation for the past few months.  I'm just about done with it and hope to be launching it soon, I've just been nitpicky about some scenes in it.

In other news, I'm going to be attending Emerald City Comic Con this year in Seattle in Artist Alley.  It should be a fun new experience for me.  I submitted a piece to the Monsters & Dames charity artbook they sell, so hopefully it makes it to print.  I also recently applied for Sakura Con artist alley again, so hopefully I get into that. I should know in the next week or so.

In addition to all this, I'm going to be working with Initial P of Disko Warp to put together a DVD of all my Disko Warp related animations.  This'll be a professionally printed/packaged set for anyone interested in my stuff.  There will be more details about this down the line though.

After getting my next animation out, I plan on getting back to doing more artwork, so you guys can expect to see some cool new stuff in the next few months. Woohah!
So I'm back from Sakura Con artist alley now.  Had a great time meeting fans of either my stuff or Disko warp! Also was cool to see friends.  Artist alley was ran a lot better than last year, it was nice to have everything properly secure in the expo hall.  There were a few things I didn't like about it this year, but I'll save that for the rant/rave thread on the Sakura Con forums.

During the convention, someone actually cosplayed as one of my characters.  The huntress from "Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire".  So that was all kinds of awesome.  Another special moment for me was being able to autograph a t-shirt for two fans who were deaf.  It took me a second to realize it, but that basically means they enjoy my animations and can understand the context of them without any of the music.  The last thing that I thought was sweet was finally getting physical trophy for winning the "Most Artistic" category in the AMV Show back in 2008.  All in all, it was a fun time.

In other Radio Gosha news, my new Space Space Shooter shirts are now available in my online store.…

I have plenty of S-XL Unisex sizes available, and a few Women's Smalls.  As always, these are American Apparel, printed with water-based inks.  In addition to this, I have put up what I have leftover from my exclusive Sakura Con "Less Than Three" 11x17 inch print.  I only made 15 of these prints, with the image not being made available online.  They are each numbered, signed, backed and bagged and printed on 100lb matte card stock.…

Now that the con is over, I'm going to go full force into working on my next animation.  I currently have a timeline plotted out for it, so next on the agenda is to get to doing some character and scenery designs.  I'll be doing some frequent updates about this here and on my Radio Gosha Facebook page over the next couple of months.
Making a quick journal post about the upcoming Sakura Con artist alley event!  I have a table, number 306, for the convention!  I will be sharing once again this year with Disko Warp Music, which will have their new Anime Love Hardcore 2 cd in addition to some other things.  ;<< SAKURA CON WEB SITE~!

I'll have plenty of new things for people including new charms, the Space Space Shooter shirt, 11x17 limited prints, stickers, buttons,  some sketches and post card sets.  All in all it should be a fun time.

I made a special, super limited Less Than Three print for the event as well.  Only going to be 20 total printed.  The prints are 11x17, printed on 100 lb stock.  Vibrant and nice!  They will be signed and numbered…;<< SPECIAL PRINT

If anyone is going to Sakura Con this year, be sure to say hi!  I always look forward to meeting fans.
Hi guys!  I recently started up a Kickstarter project to make a Space Space Shooter themed t-shirt.…

Will this project I'll need the help of anyone interested in it to pledge support for it.  By pledging to back the Kickstarter, you can get some cool incentives, such as a signed postcard set or hand-drawn sketches, as well as other merchandise.

I'm trying to hit a goal of $500 to make it happen.  If the goal isn't met, no one who pledges is charged and the project falls through.  So hopefully we can all make it happen!

The shirt itself will be printed on both Mauve and Seafoam American Apparel shirts.

Thanks to anyone that checks out of pledges on the Kickstarter! I'd like for this shirt to be a reality.

EDIT*** Reached the goal I set! Thank you guys!…

Just letting people know that I put together some wallpaper sized versions of my holiday picture.  I figured some people might be interested on here.   You can download them by clicking the link to my blog post above.
Just a quick update to let people know that my site is back up.  I had it down for the past week or so as I shifted things over to a new layout.  ;<< NEW SITE LAYOUT!

I wanted to simplify the look of the site and make it very clean.  I also switched over my eCommerce system and made the site responsive.  If you don't know what responsive is, it essentially means the site will grow or shrink based on the size of the browser.  That way  the site can look good at lower resolutions (ie... mobile).

In addition to this, if anyone orders anything in the store, if you type RG2011 in the promotions code box, you'll get 25% off through 11/5! …;<< RADIO GOSHA STORE RG2011 TO GET 25% OFF

Thanks to anyone who checks out my site.  There will be a few minor tweaks/additions in the next few days, but it should all be working.  Woohah!
Hey guys.  Thought I'd just dole out a quick update saying that I now have joined the tumblr crowd...

I don't really plan on updating it too much, at least with anything more than you'd find on DA here, but I figured why not.  If you want to give me an add, that would be great!

In other news, I just finished up the cover art for the next Speedisko iteration.  I'm also working on some new Space Space Shooter stickers.  Those should be out within a month or so.

I had my artshow in Portland, OR about a week ago as well.…

You can view some pics of it using the link above.  The artwork is still being hung until the end of the month at Home:bass.…

It's still fresh up on the portal. This piece is my 6th collaboration with Disko Warp Music.

"Something is amidst in the town of Dolesfield. A hero for the cats and someplace to call home! Join and watch as she steals from admiring townsfolk and gives to her feline companions. Bellow a low meow and chuckle to the antics of her four pawed friends as they plan a great diamond heist!"

I've always wanted to create a piece revolving around cats, this song gave me the "purrfect" opportunity to do so, hah!

If your computer is a bit slow, I also have it on Youtube here...…

If you guys could vote/review/like/dislike/win/lose etc... that would great! Hope you enjoy it and thank you to anyone that checks it out!

The song used in the piece is from Speedisko Vol. 3 and is available as a free download this week only! You can grab that here!

Just a quick update to say where I'm at with it.  I have to animate out about 3 short scenes and do some final clean up of scenes. The title screen animatic is all done for it too!

I'm hoping to have it out by the end of the month on the usually places, Newgrounds and Youtube.

This piece is probably the most detail oriented piece I've done.  I hope you guys enjoy it when it comes out.