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The Best Memories

By GoshaDole
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Heres a piece I've been working on for the past couple of weeks. Its to all the fans of my animations and Disko Warp! I decided to do a piece to embody all the main characters from this set of animations and CD covers I've done. This piece even features a few characters from future projects too!

The official title of this is "These Will Be the Best Memories", but that is too long for DA.

So if you enjoy Less Than Three, Speedisko, UFO Catcher, Deadbeat Boyfriend, Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire, then I really hope you enjoy this piece! I love the look of Japanese style arcades too, which probably comes off in some of my style/pieces. You can also catch a glimpse of the Less Than Three characters outside of their online computer fantasy!

I look forward to furthering this crazy world with more crazy ideas... oh the places you'll go!

I made a jigsaw puzzle of this piece that is available here >> [link]
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Yeah I sure al hell remember Sexy vampire and Deadbeat boyfriend!!
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What program do you use? o: It's an amazing coloring.
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look my fan art:[link]
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Great scene of your work with Disko Warp!
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its so amazing wow
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lawl at the deadbeat bf part XD
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omg love it ^^
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ive got this as my desktop wallpaper, i still cant get over how awsome it is
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Random video idea: have all of these characters come together in the arcade like so and have them party or somtin :D
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Awesomely awesome! Right now, I just feel like checking out all your work that catches my eye, look at it for 2 seconds, decide it's awesome, and then fave it.
Now, here's some commentary on the thing itself:
1.I love how the little dragon mask guy seems to have escaped from the crane game machine XD, He was my fave from UFO Catcher!
2. I noticed that the guy from "Less than Three" looks a bit like you without glasses... hmmm...
3. Looks like the Boyfriend has his eyes on someone totally new... |=)
Anyway, good job!
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aww they're all so cute!
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This is lovely.
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Haha~! I love how deadbeat boyfriend is hitting on the speedisko girl and his girlfriend is like "Aw HELL no."

Also, Less Than Three girl looks so happy with her new UFO Catcher doll! Is her boyfriend the one still at the UFO catcher? I didn't recognize him.

Otherwise, wow what a party! I need to know where these are so I can come next time!
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who r those people on the waaay back?
i havent seen them.
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Future characters.
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Oh Gosh, I can't even begin to describe how awesome it is! I love all your characters, especialy the Sexy Vampires!
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The Deadbeat boyfriend thing is still going, I see.
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Thanks for making such wonderful animations.
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It's so glossy, and animated!!! What a crazy drawing! I like it :D
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That's so cute how the little dolls are now just running around. XD
..and that boyfriend is hitting on someone..again. >_>
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This... is... AWESOME...

Love the way that they are all together, connecting in once place... all of my favorites!!... <3

Can't wait to see what lies ahead for the future of your new animations and lovable characters... :D
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