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The 8 Bits of Subcon - Super Mario Bros. 2



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So, I wanted to do a Mario piece... what better to do it on both one of my favorite Mario games and also one of my favorite games of all time! Super Mario Bros 2 (Doki Doki Panic). I get a little sad at how generic the Mario series has gotten over the years compared to the original games. I know its a bit of nostalgia, but I think a lot of passion/creativity is missing from Mario as of late. For this piece, I wanted to do a limited tone piece just set to the colors of the original NES/Famicom release of the game. There is something about keeping everything thing so limited that really made the world jump out to me.

I decided to call this the 8 Bits of Subcon since it represents a lot of the enemies found in the game, which are known as the 8 Bits. Subcon is the world the characters enter in the game. The background kind of mish-mashes the look of a few levels found in the game. Mario 2 is a very vertical-orientated game compared to others in the Mario series, so I wanted that to be reflected in the piece as well.

Anywho, hope you guys enjoy the piece! Be sure to check out the Radio Gosha Facebook page as well if you are into my stuff as I update it pretty frequently.

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This is trippy and incredibly awesome to look at! This is a great tribute to all real, old school Mario fans. The vector style works super well in this.

This is probably the one Mario game that focused as much on vertical game play as well as horizontal, and you captured that one defining element perfectly! The exaggerated perspective looks fantastic!

Super creative and amazing work!