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Radio Gosha x Mega Man

This is a piece I debuted at Emerald City Comicon 2014. It features the main protagonists/antagonists from the original Mega Man games, 1 through 10, in addition to all of the robot masters. After meeting Keiji Inafune briefly at PAX Prime 2013, I decided I wanted to put together a piece to commemorate my love for the original series and the 25th anniversary of Mega Man.  The print of this piece can be found on my Storenvy here...… << 12x18 Mini-poster Print!!!… << Storenvy Marketplace page

Hopefully you guys enjoy this piece! It was fun to come up with all the designs for the robots in my style.  It was quite the challenge to figure out how to put this all together, from a design standpoint. It ended up being laid out in a similar fashion to the Mega Man 2 robot master select screen.

 I actually made some robot masters not featured on this piece too.  Due to size restrictions I left them out and put them on some buttons.  These include robot masters from the Sega Genesis, Wonderswan, Game Boy, and other spin-off games.  Down the line I'd like to put together a Mega Man X piece as well. << Radio Gosha Facebook
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This is my phone wallpaper right now!
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What's Next is Megaman 11!
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Hooray! Very happy to see your talents put towards a few Mega Man creations and this one's my favorite!

I realize this art and its description are 2 years old, but I'll put in a vote for a similar Mega Man X piece if you're still considering it...
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This is a most familiar territory for me.