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Sad Libbie

So I've been completely infuriated to see what that libreoffice's mascot contest turned out to be. The absolute incompetence from the side of organizers has caught me by surprise (and continues to do so). I believe everyone can agree that TysonTan's submission had all the rights to win or at least to currently be among the finalists. The audacity of organizers to dismiss a whole library of carefully crafted Libbie illustrations is insane. I really sympathize with TysonTan in this turn of events. No work of this amount and quality should go overlooked by the ones whom it was made for. At least the actual people know that he indeed made the best work out there and it's the contest's organizers are the only thing that leaves a lot to be desired.

Libbie, Kiki and Konqi are characters by :icontysontan: TysonTan 
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seriously a masterpiece! you have perfectly reserved tyson's design while explained your idea clealy! nice job!

by the way, what's the license? a friend of mine is writing a wiki page for libbie and wanted to use your work. Is your work licensed freely?

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Like every other piece of creative work, there's a fine line between something that is undoubtedly well made and something that is subjectively well done. I was really furious when I found out Libbie wasn't chosen as the winner of the mascot contest. But we can't win at everything. Someone who could make the best creative pieces in the world can STILL have work that loses to others (For reasons that boggle the mind). Maybe Libbie wasn't the kind of mascot they were looking for... :(
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this makes me angry
tyson should've won
libbie was perfect but no they ignore libbie completely
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Why did they rejected her/him? What happened!? Is it because he/she is a mascot, not an icon, or she/he is just to complicated?
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Really cool fan art of the best 3 tysontan mascots together!
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Your style is really nice! Well done piece! :D
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Thank you Goshaag. ;~;
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I don't know all the story and I don't care, all I have to say is this.. what a waste. Really ? Disbelief
I hope someone out there will use her better than these guys behind the contest...
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i think i read something but i didnt really got the details, i mean wtf? :iconwtfisthisplz:
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In my opinion, I feel that this Libbie should look pissed not sad. She got screwed, not simply turned down.
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Hmm. Actually yeah, she could and probably should have. I haven't thought of that when I was drawing. Sweating a little...
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It's fine, Tyson's reaction is honestly the best way anyone could have handled it.
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According to Tyson, this is more appropriate.
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Well, then she should look a little annoyed, but determined as apposed to be furious or dejected.
Her character seems to me like she would be one to contemplate scolding them, but she is the better person so, while annoyed and disappointed, she would be determined  to fulfill her purpose.
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"So we've got this massive gallery of every single form of this potential mascot. There's one for every one of our applications, the work has been done for us and everyone loves it. Should we consider it?"

"No, let's go for the birb that looks like its come from some clipart collection."

Oh well, I guess Tyson-Tan can continue to find work with GalaxyTrail...

(looks at the FP2!Lilac design)

...Actually never mind.
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My problem with FP2 Lilac is that she doesn't look cute. And because of how much I like cuteness, that's a big problem for me. One of the big reasons I'm not sure if I want to get FP2 despite how much I liked the first game (yes, the little details matter that much to me). Still, I don't blame Tyson at all. Ultimately, it's completely GalaxyTrail's decision how she looks, not Tyson's. If they wanted her to look cute, he could probably design that too. He's definitely a good enough artist to make great FP character designs. FP2 Lilac doesn't look bad either, it's just my preference that I highly prefer FP1 Lilac. And he did design Maria Notte as well, who looks fantastic. Too bad she's only a minor character.
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Another big problem with FP2 Lilac's design is how it's way too detailed and cluttered, FP1's design was simple and recognizable, you can identify who she was based off her color palette and clothes alone. But with FP2 they added a whole bunch of useless things, her color palette has way too many colors as opposed to just being purple and blue like the original.
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My issues are a bit The first is that I feel like the redesign only came because GT is desperate to try and not be Sonic. Even though they've basically stuffed up in all the areas he did...and then there's my second issue. The redesign is making her taller, screwing up her voice, and covering her in a load of white cloth that just makes her look stupid.  Gee, I wonder where they got that idea?

In all seriousness, I do find the new art style to be...poor. It looks and feels like generic anime when the first game was much richer, and again it only feels like it was done to not be Sonic. But it will forever be Sonic, for a multitude of reasons.
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Sonic isn't cute. I don't see how making Lilac less cute would be making her less Sonic.

I don't like classic Sonic much while I really like FP. It has always been very different. It annoys me how they're always compared when FP is so much better. Makes me feel like I'm not supposed to like it because apparently it's so similar to and completely inspired by mediocre games.
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Well because I suppose because she doesn't look like Classic Sonic? I guess since he's the new meta, that's what they want to avoid. The issue is that they're terrible at it.

FP isn't bad because its based on mediocre games. It's bad because the story is crap and the characters are one-dimensional.
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Why do you care what FP2 Lilac looks like if you don't even like FP? And that's a pretty weak reason to dislike a game that focuses on gameplay. You can even turn the story off completely if you don't like it.
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