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Prepared for the demo!

By goshaag
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A special BIG pic for a special HUGE occasion!

Freedom Planet 2 Sample Demo version releases TOMORROW on January 31!!!
Simply... HYPE!

ITS OUT! Official download freedomplanet2.com/demo_win.ph…

ATTENTION: the pic is DOWNSIZED in order to display it on my profile page, please click on "Download", if you want to see the original big one. Sorry about inconvenience!

Additional files :
4K "Wallpaper" version, a bit taller in height.
Group FP2 pic full by goshaag

Also, here are characters' "cutouts" out of the pic
Group FP2 pic Milla by goshaag Group FP2 pic Lilac by goshaag Group FP2 pic neera by goshaag Group FP2 pic carol by goshaag

I hope you like! :D
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This picture you've done of the Freedom Planet girls together in such a setting looks really nice and impressive for sure, and I am still looking forward to the release of the sequel after having enjoyed the first game on my Nintendo Wii U as well! :D

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This is awesome!. :nod:

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No seriously people should I start the car and get out of there?
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Very nice, you're easily one of my favorite artists when it comes to anything involving Freedom Planet.
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Should I do a challenge
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I tried the demo, and thought after playing it "Eh, not too excited about it as much as the first game."
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Still indifferent about it.
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Milla looks focused on... anything. Truly things must be desperate.
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Awesome work. Very good job on every character, and the background has alot to look at.

I'm glad they made Neera a playable character, I always kinda liked her. (Even if she's kinda a jerk. lol)
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What do you think about all those unfinished sprites?
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I wish only the demo version will comeout.
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i hope that the console version of the game doesnt take that much like with freedom planet 1 (hell we still waiting for the ps4 version)
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Solid piece for a pretty sweet demo, well done!

If I may make a suggestion; the background seems as detailed and saturated as the characters, so they get a little lost at a glance. You may want to make the dark values in the background a little less absolute in the future to add some contrast between the characters and their surroundings.
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Thanks. I will get to have more practice with backgrounds + characters soon.
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I can't wait to play the demo
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Awesome and epic!:D
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