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A Tales of the Abyss AU oneshot. Spoilers for after Tower of Rem
It was painful to see him like this, pale and wan, sleeping on a hospital bed, his red hair splayed across the pillow like dying flames. Not that it didn't hurt when he was awake too, bored with the sterile atmosphere of the research facility masquerading as a hospital. He was allowed outside sometimes, for fresh air - as fresh as the air around Belkend was - and for a change of atmosphere. But whenever she was there with him at those times, there were frequent instances - all too frequent - where he'd wince, turn away and try to hide the part of his body that started flickering in and out of existence. As if she couldn't tell anyway.
He'd rather have been out there, fighting with her and the others, doing what he could to stop her brother. But it was all too likely they'd need both him and Asch to face Van and free Lorelei, and when the rate of his fonon separation had suddenly spiked, Jade had insisted that he ch
:icongorsecloud:Gorsecloud 8 2
White Water by Gorsecloud White Water :icongorsecloud:Gorsecloud 2 1 Kind of like Fur by Gorsecloud Kind of like Fur :icongorsecloud:Gorsecloud 3 1 Rainbow Steam by Gorsecloud Rainbow Steam :icongorsecloud:Gorsecloud 0 3 Morning Water Mountains by Gorsecloud Morning Water Mountains :icongorsecloud:Gorsecloud 2 1 Odd place for a Hoofprint by Gorsecloud Odd place for a Hoofprint :icongorsecloud:Gorsecloud 0 2 Still Life by Gorsecloud Still Life :icongorsecloud:Gorsecloud 0 2
Reaction - Kick
Full-game spoilers for Tales of the Abyss
Tear could tell it had been a long, trying day as soon as Luke slumped onto the bed, sighing unhappily and curling up with his back to her. It had been a foregone conclusion, really, what with him finally getting home as late as it was. What with their respective positions in Remir, it wasn't uncommon for one or the other – or both – to finally get home at unholy hours, too exhausted to do much more than fall straight into bed and sleep through the rest of the night. The situation had been getting better over time, as more of the replicas were either found safe homes or moved successfully to Remir, but it never disappeared entirely: they were essentially helping to run a city somewhere between the size of Sheridan and Keterburg, never mind what responsibilities they had for Remir's bases in other towns.
Luke didn't say anything, probably guessing that she was asleep already. For a while Tear listened, watching the b
:icongorsecloud:Gorsecloud 2 2
Outside Stimulus by Gorsecloud Outside Stimulus :icongorsecloud:Gorsecloud 4 3
Reaction - Chapter 1
Chapter 1
"Oh, for goodness sake!" Anise snapped, bringing the quiet thrum of conversation running through the Albiore's cabin to a halt. She glared over at a particular corner, where Luke and Tear were sitting. "Are you two seriously going to go straight back to acting like nothing's going on? You gotta stop dancing around the subject and just spit it out already! You already did it once – I heard you at Eldrant, Tear!"
Asch had remained mostly silent thus far, content to simply listen and observe the discussion going on around him, or at least, as content as one could expect. He'd spent so long avoiding being around most other people, this group in particular, contacting them only when absolutely necessary. The abruptness of the shift from that to… this… left him feeling distinctly unsettled, though Natalia's presence next to him helped a great deal. He wasn't the most social of creatures as it was, at least not since Van had kidnapped him.  Watchin
:icongorsecloud:Gorsecloud 2 2
Reaction - Prologue
Full-game spoilers for Tales of the Abyss
It was a moment that seemed to be trapped in time, as she asked a single question, her voice catching as she did so.
"Why are… you here?"
To her, it was a moment of shock, the kind of stunned denial that came from not wanting to even dare to hope, to realize that what she saw standing in front of her was no dream or illusion. Such a hope would hurt far too much if extinguished, after all. Reason and emotion warred from within, and for one of the few times in her life, she had no strength to quell the fighting.
To the three behind her – the princess, the adolescent girl and the young swordsman – it was a moment similar in emotion, if not in intensity. There had been so many nights like this, nights where they'd stood here and waited, and hoped and prayed. Nights where they would hear that same melody the young woman in front of them had been singing such a short while ago, mournfully echoing throughout the valley. For them,
:icongorsecloud:Gorsecloud 4 3
Like Mother, Like Son
A Golden Sun Fanfic
Dark Dawn-centric, no DD spoilers to speak of, some TLA

People would always compare fathers and sons, and mothers and daughters. But no one in Isaac's memory had ever pointed out how much mothers and sons could be so very much alike.
Matthew was leaving, his only son, just like Isaac himself had over thirty years ago. And on the day that Isaac had left, he remembered, with painful clarity, how he'd waited there alone - despite the crowd around him - at Vale's gate. How Garet's younger brother was eventually the one to run up and give him the message from "Aunty Dora" to her only son, the death knell of the idea that his mother would see him off into the world.
He'd understood, when he'd stopped to think about it. She'd already lost Kyle, in the storm – even if he had been alive the whole time – and now she was about to lose him, the only family she had left.
He was able to understand, but that hadn't made it any less painful, knowing she wasn
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Maze of Color by Gorsecloud Maze of Color :icongorsecloud:Gorsecloud 1 0 Blindsided by Gorsecloud Blindsided :icongorsecloud:Gorsecloud 4 5 Number XIV by Gorsecloud Number XIV :icongorsecloud:Gorsecloud 21 9 SR: Asking Too Much by Gorsecloud SR: Asking Too Much :icongorsecloud:Gorsecloud 3 3

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Project AMITY Prologue
Breathe inů Breathe outů Breathe inů Breathe outů
Chanting this mantra over and over, Dani let her eyes glaze over as she gripped her ecto staff and took a three steps backwards, her bare feet silent against her sea-green carpeting. Side stepping her bedside table (which she's already stubbed her toe on enough while practicing, thank you very much) the girl's muscles tensed as she took expert swings with her weapon, moving and dodging as if facing a foe only she could see.
Her movements were precise, silent as death itself and fast as lightning. Indeed, Dani was quite proud of her ability to use the weapon with such ease and grace now, far better then when she's first taken it up four years earlier. Smiling faintly, Dani recalled all the times she'd griped and complained to her completely unsympathetic teacher, who had a nasty habit of introducing her own staff to the ghost girl's head whenever she felt Dani was getting too whiney.
It's a wonder I didn't su
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Water Drop. by dizbat Water Drop. :icondizbat:dizbat 1,366 461 The Nature of Love by P0RG The Nature of Love :iconp0rg:P0RG 4,362 408 The Phantom City by deaderrose The Phantom City :icondeaderrose:deaderrose 997 175
By and By
By and By
One by one the days march by
And all I can do is sit and observe
I feel powerless as I watch you try
To make sence of the absurd

"Danny? Are you okay?" I already know what your answer is going to be, just like I know it's going to be a lie. Still, I felt it was my duty to ask.
"Fine," Came the grunt, just as I expected. I bite my lip and turn away, pretending I didn't see the bruises lining your arm even as my stomach did flips.
Who was it last night? I wonder. Who kept you up to God knows what hour, fighting? Who put those bruises there?
I chatter on about nothing to try and distract myself from these thoughts, not to mention keeping other people from noting those physical signs of your burden. As proud as I feel, I've got to admit I'm scared for you.
Who's to say one day the ghosts won't get fed up and try and revolt against you or something? You can handle them one at a time, but what about all together? Would you win that fight? Would yo
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My heart pounds with the thunder
And chills run down my spine
A beat taps against my window
Making me feel so divine
'Tap! Taptap! Tap tap!'
My pencil stopped mid-word as the first hints of a surprise storm caught my ears. Looking up from the homework I was doing, my eyes are drawn to the dark clouds outside, where the first droplets were already leaving trials of water running down the window. I can't suppress my grin as I turn to you.
"Danny," I whisper, shaking you from your nap over your own book. "Hey, Danny!" Grumbling, you wake at later, giving me a dirty look.
"What?" You asked irritably.
"A storm's coming in," I whisper. Your eyes widened and immediately fly to the window, and a grin spreads across your face.
"Alright!" You cheer, grabbing my hand, "Come on, let's hurry!"
"Relax!" I laughed, running after you as fast as my eight year old legs could go, "It's not like the storm's gonna just di
:iconwingsofmorphius:WingsofMorphius 66 51
Alfa World - Trying Catch by Fractal-Kiss Alfa World - Trying Catch :iconfractal-kiss:Fractal-Kiss 244 84
FanChat: Live Interview with jermilex
Amazing Artist jermilex joins :#fanartda:!
Monday, May 25th @ 8:00pm (Eastern Daylight, North America)

jermilex's gallery has a way of taking the viewer's breath away. The atmosphere and light in the crafting of his pieces feel as though he's capturing moments through his artwork. Formerly a Lighting Artist and Technical Director for Pixar, Jeremy's skill has been applied to movies such as The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille and Wall-E!
Join in!
Monday, May 25th, participants will have the unique opportunity to ask jermilex questions about his art, inspiration, and techniques! The live interview is scheduled to run for an hour, so make sure you get here early to get a spot to ask your question!
How to Participate!
:bulletred: Familiarize yourself with jermilex and his artwork by browsing his gallery!
:bulletred: Think of your questions!
:bulletred: Join :#fanartda: on Mon
:iconaunjuli:aunjuli 50 16 Stamp by DarkHorseArtie89 Stamp :icondarkhorseartie89:DarkHorseArtie89 6 17


Guess I owe you all an explanation for disappearing again.

Well, as some of you may know, I've just transitioned from high school to college, and it's been a change on an insanely large number of levels. It's been a maturing situation for me, as I'm forced to learn how to balance schoolwork and free time not to mention the basics of taking care of myself (I'm living on campus). I'm also gaining more new fandoms in the past few weeks than I have within the past few years...

Kingdom Hearts - better late than never, eh? You guys probably knew this one, what with my Xion fanart and all. Probably one of the most intensely I've felt about a fandom that I can ever remember. I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes. And to play Birth by Sleep.

Tales of the Abyss - My first Tales game, though I've heard of Tales of Symphonia in the past. DANG this game is good... We're maybe halfway through it now, I think? We being myself and the friend who introduced it to me, who is playing Luke... Seriously though. This game is intensely emotional, with great graphics, music, and plotline, and the surprises JUST. KEEP. COMING.

Persona 4 - This is the one that surprised me. Frankly... had I come across this game on my own, I would have taken one look at the rating and beat a hasty retreat in the opposite direction. But I just started watching my roommate and her friend play it while cross-stitching, and it grew SO. DAMN. MUCH on me, that when we got to the scenes that it's probably rated M for (Two words - Rise's Shadow), I merely averted my eyes for the battle rather than sprinted away and never came back.  It's... it's incredible. Great plot, graphics, and I mean, I wasn't too keen on the vocal BGM at first, but it grew on me. And I mean, one of the things that impressed me so much was the fact that, for instance, the rating... Well, I'll just put it this way. It wasn't rated M for fanservice (Well, admittedly there were a few fanservice-y moments, but mostly those were brief and played for laughs) - all of the more adult elements were integrated very nicely into the plot. If I may say so, I heard more inappropriate things from the people watching than I did from the game.

Overall... it's been a very enlightening experience, and I'm glad to be here.

As for classes (the important thing, though not always as fun to talk about!), so far I haven't been doing anything too specialized. Mainly just general and introductory classes, even though none of them are the basic math, science, lang/lit, or social sciences. It's helped make the transition easier, but at the same time, can be a little dull. I think I'm going to be starting into some real stuff next semester, though! :)

Just wanted to let you all know what I've been up to. And what I might be gushing about.

I might also post some fanfics soon. I'm beginning to doubt I'll finish Chains, but the first chapter is done, and it stands fairly decently on its own. I've also got a couple Persona 4 ones in production and a third one in my head. It's funny... I like letting ideas just play around in my head, even if they don't all make it to paper anymore.

Hope you all are doing well!

  • Listening to: Chatter and commentary
  • Reading: Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce
  • Watching: My roommate playing Persona 4
  • Playing: Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar


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