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Thaaat's right! I finally did it. I've had requests for prints, and I finally opened a store so people can buy them. I'm starting promo on DeviantArt first, because I still feel like this is where my original peeps are at.
At the moment I have 3 prints available, check out my store on INPRNT! If you have any requests (and they aren't copyrighted by another company) I will try to get them up soon. Thank you for supporting my work all these years, I appreciate it. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<

Since DA folks are my peeps, I'm also doing a 15% off promo code for the first three days (ends 3/3/19), advertised on this Journal entry! Use the following for discount:  RQ3FBEQZ
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hey Folks,

Last time I wrote here I was working on Spyro: Reignited trilogy, well now it's out and getting great reviews! It was a really amazing project to work on and the talented team I got to work with brought their A game. I'll upload some of the images here, but be sure to check out more on my instagram and tumblr pages:

I've also been working on some projects with Heroes of the Storm which I'll release later!

Happy Holidaysss
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Guys, I've been bussssssy.

I'm very happy that I've been busy, and that so far working indie has been functional. I think I can keep doing it! I'm gonna try doing it for the rest of the year, but I might eat my words if some crazy opportunity pops up outta no where. Ya right. I'm very excited to show off the things I've been working on, but I probably won't be for a while. I can't even reveal what the projects I've been on.

But, completely unrelated, have you seen the new Spyro Reignited trailer?:D:D:D;);)

HOWEVER, I am a little sad that I have so little time for my own work, and to keep in touch with all the social media that I plug myself on. of all the places I publish, DeviantArt still feels like my home away from home even if it feels like I'm spending more attention to my Instagram and Tumblr. This is the place where I actually talk with my watchers, and that kind of support and feedback is invaluable to me.

Part of my indie artist initiative is to open a store, FINALLY. I don't think i will do it through DA because I'm not happy with the print quality, but it may be the easiest option. If you have print suggestions, throw them at me! So now I would like to ask, and I'm actually serious this time-- What pieces of my art would you like to see as a print on your wall? This the hardest thing I've struggled with, is A) making artwork that is worthy to hang on a wall and B) not understanding my fanbase as far as what they want. So please-- Feedback! Maybe a poll later...
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That's right! I'm solo now.

After my time at Motiga games I've decided to go full time freelance for a bit. We'll see how long, I'm just a little exhausted from studio life and want to try new projects. I'll still be posting GIGANTIC art of course, and maybe even some fanart if I work myself up to do it. In the mean time I'm still going to be super busy, but I will continue to grow my DA gallery and content. By the way, if anyone wanted me to do a specific tutorial on a thing, now might be the time... Can you make those out of journal entries? That would be hot. If not, a DA post.

sharing my posts from instagram, tumblr, facebook or whatever other media I've distributed to would be greatly appreciated. If you've been following my work for the past 5, 10, 15+ years on DA thank you so much for your support, comments, favs, all that good stuff that makes my day better! And if you just started following me or slapped me a fav-- thanks for dropping by! I try to always respond to journal comments.
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I've been... away. Not as long as you might think, three weeks in Europe. It was the first time trying to plan a trip where I would be traveling by myself, starting with a dance festival in Amsterdam and ending with my sister's wedding in Albania. It was pretty crazy, the commute was insane, I lost my phone, and it ended up being a soul searching experience. Traveling by myself made my strengths and weaknesses much more apparent. I got some thinkin' to do.

In the meantime, Gigantic launched. I even worked with DeviantArt on this article about GIGANTIC's art direction which you can read here (interpreted from a phone interview): Fan Art Feature: GiganticGigantic Fan Art Feature
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Author/Interviewer: damphyr
In a world of long-established multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, one little game is casting a very large shadow. Gigantic looks like no other MOBA out there.

Mozu - Gigantic

It was amazing to see all the gigantic fanart, a lot of which I hadn't seen before! Thank you folks, it means a lot to developers to see that stuff.

Expect more art to dump from the game soon.
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Hey gang! Sorry I've been out of touch on DA, but I will still post art here as it comes out!

GIGANTIC is currently in open beta for Windows 10 and Xbox 1, working towards release on Windows 7 and 8 soon. I'm glad we've been given enough runway to get this project off the ground and get it out the door. Since we are constantly releasing content in open beta I'll be able to post my concept work here as it rolls out in game patches. We are missing some key features (chat, arranged games, rank) and still has some bugs but the game is entirely operational and in full effect. Go check it out at the Windows Store! find me as MX Gorrem…

Check out my other art outlets too for more regular updates:

For more casual sketch updates (and dance videos! Yes I also dance...)

Very similar to be DA content but sometimes I include process notes and sketches:…
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Aaaand we're back. We got money-saved from PW, and will now be available on Win7, 8 and 10 along with Xbox Live. I guess I can keep making a game now!

Read more, and see the announce trailer for the Perfect World partnership here:…
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Hey guys... Been a while.

I've been working at Motiga for quite some time now, about 2 and a half years. The last few months have been... pretty turbulent. While a lot of cool things happened like going to India (it was amazing), it has been pretty crazy at work.

I'll make another update when I can provide good answers for the state of Motiga and GIGANTIC. In the mean time I am still working there and making characters, which I can show more of soon! Stay tuned.
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Doing this #inktober thing! Drawing in ink for a month. For more info visit Jake Parker's site:

It seems like a better environment to post these on Instagram since they are casual sketches, so please follow me there for those. I may post a collection or something like that here or on my tumblr when it's done. Check it out here!
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I worked on a Dota 2 thing with Joseph Pikop! Fun to do, learned things. Votes appreciated!…  

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Motiga is doing a twitch stream! I will be a part of discussing game design and concept art in Gigantic with other developers and interview MO_thor. Drop on in! We're taking questions. (Thursday, 5/14 at 1:00 PDT / 20:00 UTC)

for more info:…
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Wow I have a fancy Llama! Thanks, folks! I don't know what I do to deserve your love but I appreciate it 
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Going to PAX East? I'll be workin' at booth 5092 coaching and talking about @GoGigantic! I'll doodle Gigantic stuff on request for you.…

Oh Lord I sort of got a smart phone so now I'm on this shit. Gorrem!

Also here's my other media in case you need to stalk me from every vantage of convenience: streamin' late night. Starting in 2 mins.
Going to CTN this year for the first time. I won't have a booth or nothin' fancy, but I'll be roaming around. Look for my orange beanie, it's meeeeeeeeee!
I collaborated on an ImagineFX cover with Vinod Rams for a highlight on Gigantic's characters! Mostly I just painted the red guy in the foreground, Tyto. He painted Voden and Knossos in the background and then we brought them together. Educational experience! Vinod also did a character design article inside for one of our other characters, Imani. Check it oooouuuut, it's pretty cooooooooooooool


Right here, December issue:…
Holy crap, more like.

I am completely exhausted from PAX Prime, but it was totally awesome. GIGANTIC had pretty great reception, which was really cool to see. Our qeue got more and more full every day, we even had repeat teams of 5 coming to play together! I had a lot of fun coaching, but I was essentially yelling for several hours a day. Between that and all the gross nerd-juice flying around, I'm just gonna pray I don't get sick.

I also met a lot of cool people, new and old! It was also very humbling to meet fans of my work in the wild, I'm always surprised by it, so thanks guys!

I also did a panel on character art! As usual I'm a lil nervous on stage but I think I pulled through. Check it out on twitch:…

I'm gonna go die on a bed now. Good NIGHT.
If you're attending PAX Prime, you should totally find me! I'll be hanging out at the Gigantic booth probably, and you'll definitely find me at the Panel I'll be a part of Friday about the art of Gigantic.

Here are some shameless plug links:……

Sooo ya, come find me, play the game, see the new stuff, throw peanuts at me, whatever fickles your tancy.
Aw yesssh, our game has been announced folks! I'm super excited to be working on this project with a great team. Please check it out and share! We're still indy so we need all the spread we can get.

Gigantic development art coming soon!