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I think this turned out well, although to be honest I could have colored it a bazillion other different ways. I might post the other versions if I feel snappy enough.

Anyway, This is the main character of my story again. I think the title should be more obvious now for those who didn't understand it from the b&w.

What the hell am I talking about? It's a girl with a gun. Yey!

(Edit)Hmmm... Okay, too much technical controversy has been stirred over the title, so I just changed it. It really had nothing to do with the gun or what she was doing, it just an impulsive description of the character's overall attitude. I'll save it for a time I draw a sniper rifle in a picture, okay? Yeesh!
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how do you come up with ideas for body armor designs?  Do you reference from established things like football pads and military tactical gear or do you go completely into something else entirely for inspiration?