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Truly Outrageous

Hmmm... let's see, it's missing something--

Oh, duh. Unicorn. Pssh, easy.

This is a Christmas present for someone especiale. Merry Xmas, Jan!

Don't know if it's done yet, might update it later...

EDIT: I guess some people don't know, or I'm too old, but this is from a cartoon called Jem and the Holograms in like 1985. She was a rockstar superhero-- don't ask me how it worked.
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GlyphBellchime's avatar
I'm old enough to remember. And they did a comic series not too long ago.
LeBiche's avatar
Is there any way of getting a poster of this?
I'd love one scaled to about a meter's width.
PJToon75's avatar
Totally 80's terrific! Nice job!
FFiamgoku's avatar
Love Jem and the Holograms, the colors in this pic are awesome!!!!
DJ-Uni-Mekaju's avatar
Someone yell "timber" cuz here comes Kimber (I know it's probably Jem but I just wanted to say that XD)!
DraginKYle44's avatar
Awesome. One of the things I love in this drawing is the colors, They match together 
PhaePhat's avatar
Jem! Love this some how you managed to make her even more 80's
DougBurrows's avatar
Holy sister loved that show...I totally picked it before I read the caption...( sister...yeah)
Love the Holograms! 
FinchFish's avatar
I love everything about this!  From the lines to the patterns to the colors!  Fantastic work! :)
vinja-ryou's avatar
This is gorgeous~ A fitting tribute to Jem, indeed!
hrfarrington's avatar
Really awesome! :heart:
dropemcityrecords's avatar
Super cool colors and pop art. It really POPS!
yusukeslovr's avatar
I like this!  I love the gradient on the makeup, all the stars, and the fabric textures...truly outrageous (I had to)
KidXister's avatar
Oh yeah I remember Jem, This is so cool it looks like an old poster from the 80's
IsabelaRazo's avatar
Truly, truly, truly outrageous! Whoa, Jem!
I loved that show.
WTFWonder's avatar
Truly truly outrageous.
13rapaz's avatar
Rayne-Gryfen's avatar
And now the theme song is stuck in my head. Lovely art though.
Art-by-Eos's avatar
I might watch more of it when it comes on The HUB now :aww:
zaftigbeerman's avatar
Ha! Love it! I got my daughter watching the old episodes online she loves this! Thank you!
Kakumei-Tifa's avatar
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