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The Posessed

By Gorrem
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Unused concept art that I got permission to use. She's a good-turned-posessed warrior priestess.
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Tigerman354Student Writer
She's cool!!!!
YaschaZelunar's avatar
She looks so damn cool!
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VonEyEzineHobbyist Digital Artist
Ha you got this outfit from that jeff esly art fot forgotten realms dark sun collection,,,lol. Just kidding.. ikknow
Gorrem's avatar
GorremProfessional Digital Artist
Lol, Jeff is still the man tho :P
VonEyEzine's avatar
VonEyEzineHobbyist Digital Artist
didnt he like , die of leukemia?
Arcybiskup's avatar
Love the shield!!whole armour is great as well...
exocolumn's avatar
Great work!
CerealGuy's avatar
very Brom-Esque Dark Sun nice job.
Jarons's avatar
JaronsHobbyist General Artist
love the asymmetry and the abnormal teeth/horns. I started to wonder about what walking in those shoes would be like, but then I started to get sick...
Harzlek's avatar
Kind of like how Aribeth de Tylmarande becam evil?
wert024's avatar
wow nice work
PaulAbrams's avatar
PaulAbramsProfessional Traditional Artist
Great concept design and well painted!
ChristineMunz's avatar
ChristineMunzStudent Digital Artist
I really love that armor :)
DemoraFairy's avatar
DemoraFairyHobbyist General Artist
Wow that's amazing, awesome armour.
Liss-ka's avatar
Liss-kaHobbyist Digital Artist
she is very beautiful...
A1be1nox's avatar
A1be1noxHobbyist Traditional Artist
"I eat souls like a fat kid eats cupcakes"-random demon.
Bobitho's avatar
wow awesome job =)
Aonalion's avatar
AonalionStudent General Artist
wow, the details are amazing! :wow:
jawnee's avatar
Reminds me of the Chosen Knights of Chaos in the Warhammer Universe... only sexier!
r7ll's avatar
Her outfit is stunning! Fleshy, bony, sinewy - very appropriate for someone posessed :)
pyroglyphics1's avatar
This is all kinds of cool.
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medievallassHobbyist Writer
Beautiful work! Love the dragon hide armor!

Hayley :floating:
avacado-bread's avatar
That's some epic armor!
Proud-Oboe-Player's avatar
This looks like one of my elf warriors in Oblivion. I like this very much, and not just for the fact that it makes me want to turn on the 360 ^^

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