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This is my rendition of a tengu, a type of Japanese forest spirit, done in the style of a woodblock print. The writing is actually my name in scribbly Chinese, it's really only there for aesthetic value. Drawn, colored and rendered in photoshop, including the patterns.
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now i really want to try to do this as an actual woodblock print. the patterns will kill me.
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ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! This picture is all over the internet and I have literally been searching hours for its source... I was quite surprised to realize it's contemporary art because it looks a lot like a historical woodblock print! 
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Thank you! Is it really all over the internet? I haven't seen it! Facebook Laughing Tears emoji 
Can I purchase a print of this? Awesome!!
Please email
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Dude! I don't need to see your teeth!
Amazing tengu!  I would buy a book full of these :)
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WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You really captured the Japanese style!
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If the creature is Japanese why sign your name in Chinese? Great work though.
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Thanks! Because even though the artwork style is Japanese, I am still Chinese :P
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i really like this and the Qilin. i like the old art pieces that are still around of Japanese monsters and myths, as well as Sumerian, Egyptian, and other ancient cultures. i love that you are using the style in modern fashion.... well done.
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I love Tengu´s!!!
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Love your strokes, your style, and the colors of this tengu *-*
Also the tongue xD
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beautiful styling!! :D
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I love the background!
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wow really cool! i love the backgound pattern, it really has the eastern/asian feel to it! the patterns on the clothing are really good too
maybe one of the fabrics could have been plainer just to let the other patterns come out a bit
a really cool image
well done!
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Looks freakin' amazing :D
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wow it just like japan clasic pictures
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Wow! Well done with the traditional japanese style!
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