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TMNT - Mondo Gecko

Radical Reptiles! Fan design of one of my favs, Mondo Gecko from TMNT. Probably the most controversial change is getting rid of his sneakers... but my logic was, why does a gecko nees grip? I wanna draw those toesies!
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This picture you've done of Mondo Gecko in such a style looks very nice and cool for sure. :D

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Nicely done! What’s on his tail?
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In my opinion, this is how the character should have looked in TMNT 2012 series. Not there was anything wrong with the Mondo Gecko in the show, but this picture shows off a lot of his character. Plus, the creators of the show could at least made him green in the show.
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Thank you very much! Maybe I'll draw more of the cast.
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Reminds me of a Sarsippius from Infectious Grooves! :D
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This is a really cool redesign! I love all the little details and the amazing style! The Mighty Mutanimals are my favorites!!

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Always been one of my favorite TMNT side-character. Freaking stellar redesign!
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I haven't seen much on RoTMNT but this is looking spot on :D

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At least he won't try to sell me insurance.
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AH! I loved the Mutanimals, and this design looks amazing!
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Gnarly work, dude!! :D :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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look at this BOY !!!! <3 
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