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Soul Calibur - Ivy

Hands down my favorite character from Soul Calibur, which is my favorite fighting game of all time. Apparently she's the developer team's favorite too, or so I've read. I've gotten pretty good with her, to the point where my opponents fear Summon Suffering or Calamity Symphony... and for those who don't know what those are, they're like, some of the hardest moves I've ever seen in a fighting game. And I, having no life, mastered them down to a T. Hurrah Hurrah!

So, I decided to make a picture of Ivy. I already have a picture of Nightmare from SC1, so it would have been unjust if I didn't draw her too. My other favorite characters- Mitsurugi, Talim, Taki and possibly Voldo should be expecting some fan art as well.
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I've loved Ivy ever since I've been playing SOULCALIBUR V IVY Valentine Ivy SoulCalibur 
Que bella es isabella!!! :D (Big Grin) con ese cuerpazo domina a hombres y mujeres por igual Love 
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Great job! She is probably the best character on sould acalibur
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Most Excellent! Ivy rules supreme!
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Excelent! One of my favourite pics of Ivy ever!
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:clap: Bravo! Chalk one-up for the Ivy fans! |D
Just the best Ivy picture to me!
Here she gets this thing that drive me totally fond of!
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Guilty Pleasures...This is the reasons why we have them.
Awesome art work.
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lol thanks, didn't know people still look at the old ones haha
Virtu-Imagery's avatar
I never saw this one.
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very nice, my fave soul cal character and you gave her nice realistic proportions and a nice toning of colors. very good. she's my fave but also the hardest to play.
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Amazing piece of work! :D

I cannot do Summon Suffering or Calamity Symphony in the slightest, I'm in awe that you can execute them at all! :D

But super picture! XD
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Love the linework and the shading on this one! :love:
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This is amazing!! How do you do it??
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I like your ivy drawing! she is one of my favorites too and she is difficult to play as. But, my fav. soul calibur series is TAKI, cuz she is so cool and she is a female ninja
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Taki is my 2nd favorite SC girl for sure.
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Your welcome! but, I bet Taki can beat Ivy any time and any place.
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beutiful as she is <3
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very good. what was this done in?
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Warning: Dangerous Curves Ahead!
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As a Soul Calibur fan I can only say one word.
Fabulously done picture of Ivy!
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