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Pimp of the Cosmos

We love Katamari Damacy!

And so do the Mothra midget twins! ... Little people. Dwarves. Circus folk. Whatever they are. Can you name all the monsters he's pwning?

This is actually a scan of a hard copy since the original file has been misplaced. :( If I find the original I'll replace it.

Pen & Ink, colored in Photoshop.
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Soul-of-Gojira's avatar
This is the best thing I have seen on DA in weeks! great work. You draw kaiju very well.
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Lets see, I see Mothra, Ultraman, Godzirra(Godzilla), The invincible Gamerra ( my favorite, weird I know) and parts of downtown Tokyo circa 1976. ;)
jetsetjaguar's avatar
i just love godzilla mothra and ultraman
Josh-Finney's avatar
This would make such an awesome t-shirt design...or poster for that matter!
Project-Goji's avatar
This is almost TOO much win.
*adds to favorites like a madman
Dayheart's avatar
BUAHAHAHAHAH~! That is one tiny Monster!! Roll'em up! :D
zillamaster72's avatar
Godzilla, gamera,mothra and ultra man
You missed one: Tokyo herself.
BlizzyStorm's avatar
wooa! it's.. it's ultraman right??
omg XD my childhood is coming back XD
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I can see Godzilla, Gamera, Mothra and I right??
tsutar's avatar
that is very very clever
istillfunction's avatar
Godzilla is not amused
and when he gets out as soon as he finds the little dude....and after he buys a massive microscope....

Godzilla:were's Perceptor when ya need him-_-
rambuncto's avatar
how can you not love katamari? great piece!
pirate-trish's avatar
he must have been asked to roll up an awesome star <3 this is only the best thing ever I love ll the detail - somehow it doesn't make it feel muddy or cluttered at all but more like an old hand-tinted illustration. <3
The-Business-Panda's avatar
This is
Great job.
pandastronaut's avatar
this is sick! nice work
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