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LoTRO: Beard Falls

This was one of the first concepts I made getting Mines of Moria off the ground.

I don't have as much experience doing environments as I do characters so I learned a lot from doing these early projections of key areas. I actually intended this doorway and the bridge inside this natural cave to be a unique POI, like a special place devoted to all the past Dwarven kings with all their portraits carved into stone. Dwarves had a huge respect for the natural formation of stonework, so art like buddhist relief sculptures were a big influence on this idea.

They liked the motif so much they just spammed it everywhere so all the doors in Moria have a dwarf head above it. It's kinda creepy, but I guess that's the point.
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Very nice effect here!
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Hehe it's me again. Talking about those bearbs...

ScreenShot00153 by GhostHead-Nebula
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Wow, really cool! Yes, Moria was one of the most well-executed levels I had the chance to work on for LOTRO, the artists did a great job.
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You made it possible. And thanks for the feedback, it was an honour :flirty:
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I just started epic in Moria. Gonna see those bearbs gates alot.

Good job :D
This is the most incredible art work of Beard Falls!!!!!
Do you have copies for sale??
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Dude having the water fall basically create the long beard is SICK!
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I really love how you made their beards stand out with this idea. I think the dwarves wouldn't have made them any different. :)
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Very imaginative.
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Awesome. Just awesome.
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The first time I saw this in-game I was so amazed. I love all the dwarf-lore in LOTRO. :)

Well done. I love it!
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Thank you! Nice to have someone who played the game recognize it.
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Used to :) I moved on to other companies since this.
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Oh but you've made wonderful art!
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So you're the one! Brilliant!!!
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"LEGEN___DARY!!!" wery nice concept.
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It beautiful. I can hear the waters roaring.

GOD bless
John 3:16
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This was one of my absolute favorite images- the 7 fathers... Well done!
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