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Leto Atreides II, God Emperor of Dune

More Dune art. This character is a little deeper into the story; about the fourth book Leto becomes a God. He is an immortal who can see into the future, and using his power has taken control of the known universe by-- guess what?-- controlling the Spiceeeeee! Unfortunately as a side effect he has mutated in a hideous worm creature and can no longer have relations with women. If you're getting a uncomfortably pornographic vibe from this, just ride with it. Dune is about conquering giant worms, what kind of metaphor do you think that is?!

I wanted a design that fell in line with his description from the books, but I did take liberties to make a more impacting silhouette. With all my dune concepts, I try not to over-design these characters because they're so classic and influential. That being said, all my adjustments are to benefit describing the character out of context for people who might not know the story and still get a feeling for what they're about. I have recorded most of the process of his painting throughout several videos on my livestream channel if you're interested:
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Definitely the most unique interpretation of Leto I've seen 👌

I always thought he was just a nut with his Golden Path nonsense.  He forces humanity into the Great Migration for a thousand years and feels perfectly fine since his future vision shows the human race will turn out better.  The problem is the books show there is a special bloodline that "blocks" people from being picked up psychics and Leto knows this.  So for all he knows, all his plans just end up making things worse.

Great artwork though.  Very creepy with a hint of devious intelligence.
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I’m pretty sure that bloodline (specifically a prescience-cloaking gene) was created by Leto II himself, through genetic engineering and selective breeding, as part of his Golden Path. Considering he already saw what would happen in the future. The Great Enemy he foresaw hunted down and exterminated humanity through the use of Prescience. So by introducing people immune to Prescience, he’s giving humanity the ability to hide from the Great Enemy. The Great Scattering/Migration also further ensure humanity’s survival by making it even more difficult for the Great Enemy to track down all of humanity.
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I'm speechless. This painting is just too good.
Your colouring skills are insane!
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It's Angela Merkel.
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Oh dude

Oh, man

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I like this better than the book cover. This seems far more anatomically accurate.
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Interesting way of looking at the character. Nice ! Winner 
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This is amazing! u@
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That's amazing
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god... this guy must have eventually grown a worm's cock... like, "goodbye human penis. oh, hello my new penis!"... 

a-anyway, awesome painting!
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...You know, there are times I really consider just sitting down and reading through Dune again, but the last time I tried the writing was so dry I was literally rubbing sand out of my eyes.
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Very omnipotent vibe coming from this guy.

BOGEDYBOO!!  And scary to.
               Great work
Awesome! Can just smell the melange and feel the Agony turn my eyes blue... Hurts so good!

Monster job!
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The divided god. Very nice.
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Cool! Now I have to read the fourth Dune's book... Well, and the third one, first...
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Dang, a spoiler! I really should read the books after the first trilogy! Especially now!
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