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LOTRO: The Nameless

By Gorrem
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One of the Nameless creatures of Middle Earth. Content took some liberties with lore after Gandalf described "nameless beings that gnawed the earth" which were apparently so old even Sauron didn't know of them, yatta yatta. It was a nice excuse to do some crazy, abstract stuff for a change, so I did not complain.

Yes, he has a vortex in his chest.
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That one is a world eater I believe. The world-eater's tend to be lighter in colour. That's...the only way to differentiate between World-eaters and Void-eaters.
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Huh.  So was the "world-eaters" reference by Gandalf the inspiration for those huge worms in the last Hobbit film?
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Elvinkin66Student Writer
No I believe that would be the wereworms mentioned by Bilbo.
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So are these pictured world eaters or void eaters? (since they look more akin to the latter; while the former is somewhat related to morgoth and don't look/sound like 'void eaters')
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dyverStudent Traditional Artist
yeah the chest says Nom Nom for itself XD. COOl.
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AdamTempleProfessional Filmographer
That is awesome!!!
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AmrasFelagundHobbyist Writer
Y'know, when I read that passage, I kinda had the thought that Nothing Is Scarier, that the Nameless Things were better off not being known. But this makes me think otherwise!
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I think I remember reading somewhere that the Nameless were actually inspired by Lovecraft when JRR Tolkein read his stuff. This fits that perfectly.
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Now this is a little beauty. I love it! Such a Lovecraftian-style monstrosity! X3
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perfect! I like it !
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LordApothyxHobbyist Traditional Artist
I can imagine it...
A lone traveler, carefully treading in an old temple
He hears a clicking sound and turns... to see... a light
The light looks as if it just fell from the heavens
The the sudden realization hits him like a hammer to the chest
But it's too late, as it suddenly swallows him whole, pulling him into it's gaping maw...

And on a completely different note, the detail in it's plate armor and the exposed sinews never disappoint
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It just wants a hug. Anyone want to hug a walking, sentient black hole?
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VERY well done. Almost seems more like something out of Lovecraft than Tolkien.
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I really dig this oco/



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FaucheStudent Photographer
I love the idea that its vortex mouth is what it uses to "gnaw the earth". Great design :D
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Whoa, just amazing!Wow!
NAMELESS sound like you fall into death!!
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The vortex definitely emphasizes the whole "Not of the Earth" feeling Gandalf implies these things have.
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danielbishop56Hobbyist Interface Designer
Love it
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Very cool design!
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SirGunkyHobbyist Traditional Artist
I used a very small cutout of this image for a strategy graphic I made for a Sixteenth Hall guide I wrote many moons ago:

I found it in a Google image search. In the graphic, this guy represents the Lost One, the last boss in the Sixteenth Hall instance in Moria.
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MadManInTheBoxHobbyist Writer
i thought this was a pretty cool thing, until I noticed he has a mother fucking VORTEX in his chest
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