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LOTRO - Hobbits

More unused artwork for Turbine games. This was showing how a costume could be reskinned for both genders.

The hobbits were probably the most fun to do of all the races because I felt like I had put the most character in them. I'm glad I don't paint like this anymore though, it took way too long!
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You still did a good job.  Love the color, the detail, and the shading.  Save this style for special works, okay?
 Dropped a fav- I play LOTRO, and I was wondering if you did commissions? (I don't need paint like these, lol)
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now these are some cool looking hobbits. Great job.
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i like this Hobbit
harrylee94's avatar
So damn awesome!
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oh my gosh! This is so lovely!
SlamDunkin's avatar
Awesome attention to detail and I love how characterful they both are. :)
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The female character looked so cute... until I scrolled down and saw her feet! XD
Awesome work... I WISH you would keep drawing like this ^^
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Sorry, I mean depth of field :D
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Hey! I like how the colours and less details of the right hand in both characters make feeling of deep of field, well done!
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Lol thanks, I chalk that up to laziness and time constraints.
Amazing faces! So lovable.
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AMazinG (shift 1) From now on this is going to come to mind when I think of Hobbits!
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Female Hobbit spending a day in town, male Hobbit in the middle of his adventure.
The female looks more like an npc than a possible player character. One thing I like about LotRO is that males and females wear largely the same clothing for adventuring: no chainmail bikinis or thongs here, thank you. The only differences are small changes made for the obvious purpose of accommodating the differences in anatomy.
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I think it's awesome that you gave the female hair on her feet too. ;)
Fantastic work!
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You did such a great job on them! I don't see Hobbits done this well, usually. Love the clothing designs and details, too!
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:D :D :D :D :) :) :) :)
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Wow, I like the special attention to detail in the scorched-up pan! How cool is that... :)
Yeah yeah Devon...but wheres is the SPECIAL version? Don't hold out on your fanbase...
Gorrem's avatar
Special version is for special nights
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I love these two! =D
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izzat a chic under allodat!?!
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