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LOTRO - Draigoch

Blast from the past! Figured I might as well upload this. This is a raid boss from LOTRO, don't know much about how he was used since he was implemented 2 years later (this was painted in 2009, got released in 2011) and I was at a different company by then. An example of how I used to paint, the crude beginnings which eventually evolved into how I render now. LOL @ my environment skillz.
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There is a guy and a bunch of other people stealing art and posting them in this facebook dragon forum without crediting the artists. I just thought you should know that I found yours posted here so you can report it to facebook :)…
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hmmm-- thank you!
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Those scales are gorgeous 
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Holy..... WOW!!! O.O
That is some awesome dragon!
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I really like the combination of scales and fur, you don't see that in dragons often.
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A very cool dragon. I like this piece a LOT
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It is my pleasure to feature this amazing artwork in my journal "New Feature 2014" :heart:
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You are very welcome :heart:
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You got such a nice gallery here! I'll fave this one as a sample, cause I'm a dragon lover... The last one sounded extrange, didn't it? ;)
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Amazing! :clap: I think Draigoch is the coolest mob in the game Love 
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this drake is absolutely beatiful
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The detail of it is great, and the gray, gloomy sky just reeks of foreboding catastrophe
Keep it up!
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There's a Lord of the Rings MMO? This is the first I'm hearing of this.
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Aie so much nostalgia from the Draigoch raid. ^_^
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cool dragon, it looks amazing. :)
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In search of a perfect dragon: Now this ones is a fine specimen. Too bad it's an evil one with a scary face. But I love the proportions of and the anatomy.
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glorious detail!!
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Amazing details and color combination!
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