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LOTRO: Cave Troll

A cave troll of Moria.

This is the only description in the book about them:

"There was a blow on the door that made it quiver; and then it began to grind slowly open, driving back the wedges. A huge arm and shoulder, with a dark skin of greenish scales, was thrust through the widening gap. Then a great, flat, toeless foot was forced through below. There was a dead silence outside."
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Round, toeless feet are better at bearing the weight of a giant than human feet are. I wonder if tolkien looked at the anatomy of rhinos, hippos and elephants to understand why a troll would need different feet to us.

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Works for me :)
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They have a cave troll
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As soon as I saw his foot, I knew you were depicting a troll as Tolkien had described, not a Dungeons & Dragons (Three Hearts and Three Lions), Warhammer, or Warcraft troll. Bravo!

When I first read that "flat, toeless foot" so many years ago, it stuck with me. I always wondered what a toeless foot would look like. 

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Could I use this image as a splash screen and icon for a 100% free game on google play?
The Game is called Age of fantasy
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Sorry no, this image is owned by Warner Brothers/Turbine entertainment :/
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Handsome guy, those rock´s on he´s skin are cool!
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cursed shadow: words can not explain how great you did at this artwork
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Gorrem...let me be the first to say you have art. these pictures you have made are just perfect. most people I know tried to draw pictures from books like this one and don't do it very good. so what I am saying is...if there was a way I would give you a thousand Badges for making such fine pictures. so...for now I shall give this. Double Thumbs Up Emoticon 
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love those little details
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looks like killercroc's looks in batman arkham asylum
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or maybe... Killer Croc looks like a Cave Troll!
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Boromir: "They have a cave troll."
Gimli: "Let them come! Let them see that one more dwarf in Moria still draws breath!"
Me: "Awesome movie, awesome fighting, awesome picture here!"
Seriously, this is fantastically done. A worthy piece to put towards LOTR. Nice job. 
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Wow, awesome work. :D They are awesome, if you ever player War on the North, these guys are so hard to kill. :D
May I please use this picture for a unit representation on Nationstates?
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as long as it's non profit :)
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Wow that is impressive work!
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this is so stunningly great - I love it. Your style, colors, crispness of detail, the club ... oh my ... it's stunning in every way.
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so powerful , i like it
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Awesome work here. The rocky scale skin is very well done. How long did it take you to make this?
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