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Quick one! I had a big crush on Jim Lee's Jubilee during the early 90's when I was reading X-Men. Often people pan her as the most "useless" X-Men, but as one of my friends pointed out that's why a lot of Gen-Xers could empathize with her.

EDIT (info): I would like to mention since a couple people have pointed out her eye color, in the early 90's colorists colored her eyes blue, and I also thought it was strange because I knew her character was Asian (as a half-Chinese person myself, I paid attention to the phew Asian superheroes that existed!). This was eventually chalked up to "oh well, she's a mutant, lots of mutants have abnormally colored eyes." Eventually it was made standard that her eyes were brown, but not when Jim Lee was drawing her! :P
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I crushed on a lot of women from the 90's Lee run, but Jubes was one I fell early and hard for. I still have an affection for her.

But before long, my attention and long-term loyalty turned to Rogue.