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Infinite Crisis - Atomic Wonder Woman

By Gorrem
I was part of the concept art team for WB Turbine's Infinite Crisis. This included making funky redesigns of classic characters in alternate realities as brand new playable characters or as skins. I was also adjusting classic designs to fit in our game style, which was often about pushing shapes to be more visible or simplifying busy areas. Often these are also used to help convince WB that Turbine had a competent grasp of their IP. I also had input on how their abilities would look like in game with effects concepts.

The Atomic Universe was my favorite. I treated it as a tribute to grind house and my favorite post-apocolyptic scenarios; getting real weird with the characters. So why not Wonder Woman dressed up like tank girl in a roller derby? Ahhh, I might get in trouble with some hardcore fans, but I already accepted that danger taking on a job like this. In the Atomic Universe, AWW was the only one that remained untouched (other than losing her armor, breaking her lasso and other accessories... but that's a scratch compared to the rest), and remains a beacon of truth and love in an otherwise distorted and ruthless world... yatta yatta, whatever, she has a chainsaw.

Wonder Woman and all related elements TM & © 2014 DC Comics
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This was a genuinely bad ass take on Wonder Woman and dearly wish they would allow for this weapon in a Fallout or Wasteland game.

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The one thing I love most about this design is the criss-cross of shoulder braces attached to her bustier. 
For years one could only assume it was the will of Hera herself keeping WW's modesty intact but this is more practical and even harkens back a little to how Grecian/Roman armor was worn. 
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She's a total badass now! :D
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Atomic Wonder Woman was the only reason I joined IC back in closed beta. The game itself was mediocre, and felt too much like League of Legends to make me want to make it my main game. But I fell in love with her concept and stellar design, and miss being able to play as her. I hope that somewhere, somehow, someone in DC will decide to bring her and her universe back in some form.
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This. So much this.
I, however, disagree in that while the game was very similar to League, I liked how it felt faster and more dynamic.
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Thank you! I think that would be awesome if they did.
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I really like the way everything about her is makeshift: Tie-skirt, street sign pole and chainsaw, number plate bracers. All that with a taste of Rock-a-Billy. Brilliant!!
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I would cosplay this so fucking fast!
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Isn´t she already a bad ass? Now becoming even a more gross killer machine? XD
Everything is falling out. looks great
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So in this timeline, all the other superheroes are even worse off?  Can I read about it somewhere?  
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Oh yes, the other characters from the Atomic Universe went through horrible mutations or transformed their bodies for survival. You can look up the Atomic Universe for Infinite Crisis and you might find something!
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Huge fan of Infinite Crisis!!
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she feels like she would rollerblade to the death
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I wish I could play this game, mostly to play as AWW T_T
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Omg, I really love this character! You did an awesome job! Keep it up! 👌👍
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This is an awesome design! I would love to see a mini series for a comic based off this design. :D 
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there is one. its a tie in comic for the game this is for. its called infinite crisis fight for the multiverse (the comic) if you want to check out the game check my signature for a link.
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I love this game. also she and gaslight catwoman are among my favorites art wise. I also love the skins for her so far.
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