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Infinite Crisis - Arcane Zatanna

I was part of the concept art team for WB Turbine's Infinite Crisis. This included making funky redesigns of classic characters in alternate realities as brand new playable characters or as skins. I was also adjusting classic designs to fit in our game style, which was often about pushing shapes to be more visible or simplifying busy areas. Often these are also used to help convince WB that Turbine had a competent grasp of their IP. I also had input on how their abilities would look like in game with effects concepts. Some of these ideas ended up as characters for the same comic.

One of my favoriter ideas from this IP, mostly because I really like Zatanna. This version of her is in a parallel world that is like the main DC universe but rooted in magic. In this universe the power of her voice was taken away to infuse her weapon, which she uses to silence mages that have turned bad. As a result she is mute, and she communicates through her familiar (the owl-falcon thing).

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whoa gif replies!

Thank you

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that is so damn cool looking
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What were her planned abilities?
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Ooh She looks beautiful I love the outfit the color scheme is wonderful! Zatanna looks great!
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i'm mclovin' it
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She looks like something out of Bloodborne
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what's IP stand for ?
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Snowy She looks pretty keyed on.
                    Very smart looking owl too,
                           seriously great job bruv.
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Prettyyyyyyy :) Also I see you have a thing for owls in your designs. :P 
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I made these concepts around the same time, I was big on owls for a period O_o
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So, she gets a different weapon with every outfit?
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Lovely design ! :D
I especially like her... pet ? x)
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oh please tell me this is an in game design. I have been waiting for this character since I saw her in comic. if you cant tell me without getting in trouble that's ok, I don't want you to get in trouble, but if you can give any hint as to when this character is coming please please tell me.
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Thanks, I actually don't know if they plan to make her playable. It would be cool though!
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is so sad, this character was 2 months away from debut and the game collapsed. I so desperately wanted to play her.
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yup shame :/ She only had a short stint in the comics.
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man your work is amazing.  i love this design.
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Absolutely amazing work! Do you know if she will be out in the game soon?
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I love her outfit!! Amazing!!
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