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Greek Heroine

By Gorrem
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Listening to the damn Gladiator Soundtrack again. gets me every time. *sniffle*

Not for Infinite Crisis, I just like really like WW. Here's to hoping they do a good job with her in the moviesHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I have no hopes at all.
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Oh my Goddess~Heart 
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Wonderful (haha) work!
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I feel like I'd be 90% happier with comics if you just designed all of the women.
Also all of your gallery makes me want to sit down and paint so - thank you.
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Wow thank you! That would indeed be fun...
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We should have faith in DC movies 
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Love the DC toon flicks, but I will be surprised if they pull off an amazing WW in the next film too.
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She looks so ornate, the colour is lovely~

I'm worried, but hopeful for the live action version.. She was so cool in JL:War, though <.>
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Very simple and elegant.
Love the Old School glow to the coloring.
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Very good picture.
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I hope, hope HOPE that they tap one of the many talented artists/designers (such as yourself) for the designs of WW and other characters in the movie... let's hope this goes well.
You've got a great design here!
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Great job. I the slight muscle definition you've given WW. Pretty accurate to how she would look in reality i think.
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curvy shapes are curvy! Nice one! :)
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Wow, her shoulders are so broad. It looks awesome.
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Love it.  Especially since she looks like a warrior and not a super model.  I am tired of seeing her drawn as a spaghetti armed playmate.
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you've probably seen that style of WW drawn more recently because of the actress that was cast to play her in the upcoming Superman/Batman movie, Gal Gadot :<
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