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Golden Axe - Vengeance

By Gorrem
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Golden Axe Fan art! Been working on this on and off, finally said fuck it and tried to polish this turd. I could feel myself setting fantasy art back a few decades as I started adding the lightning to what seems to be a DIO cover.

Golden Axe was one of my favorite games, I played it in an arcade across the street from me called Chinatown Fair. I wish someone would make a new one in the spirit of the original series :/ I was definitely channeling Frazetta on this one!

EDIT: 9/24/2014: Added skellingtons.
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Love the Murray from Holy Diver effect from the guy at the back.
old days :p great work
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Super rad!  Thank you for this!  I loved playing this game too!  You nailed it with this one soo   good!!!  I think this piece is brilliant, keep up the great work.  ....  now I wanna play golden axe!  ;-)
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This is a pretty damn awesome turd, lol
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nice I love golden axe
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Perfect!!! amazing !!!!! I don´t have words !
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Great work!! Loving a lot this one in 3,2,1 :D
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Wonderful drawing!
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This is wicked cool. I love what you did with the chicken leg, making it more streamlined and fearsome-looking. I've just finished my own Golden Axe pic which I was really pleased with but now I feel totally humbled. Death Adder is the baddest guy ever to wear pink this side of Bret 'The Hitman' Hart.
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I like your style! :)
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nice lady and pets
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Awesome piece! Makes me nostalgic for the old days of playing GA in the arcades... :D
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Yay! Amazing game it was.
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Pretty! :) (Smile) 
Beautiful female warrior :D (Big Grin) 
I wish I could see more gold axe figures ;) (Wink) 
(Of course, beautiful women and barbaric!)Clap 
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I sometimes get the 'campfire' song in my head like an earworm. little jawa bastards.
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Oh btw excellent art.
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the memories...
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