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GOLDEN AXE-Gilius Thunderhead

Okay, who played this game? Yeah, every respectable gamer did. This was probably my favorite game when I was young, and in my opinion one of the greatest side scroller/Action titles ever made.

This is Gilius the Dwarf, riding one of those purple bird things. We just called them Chicken Legs, I don't think they ever had an actual name, but riding the animals was probably the coolest part of GA. The other coolest part was summoning your ultimate badass spell and obliterating the entire screen of enemies with it. I remember chaining that with my friends to beat bosses. Beating the snot out of Death Adder for the first time was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Man, that was fucking cool.

So, in synopsis, Golden Axe Ownz You.
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Awesome I LOVE IT
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Excellent piece here :)
Though I should have predicted, being the first time ever that I look into Golden Axe related art and being this the internet, that it'd be flooded with Tyris Flare fanservice CURSE YOU! But that's my viewpoint, really, since only Gilius is memorable - he has the biggest weapon and fights a lot better than the others.
Then came Golden Axe 2, with some ugly graphics, that I didn't get to play.
Then Golden Axe 3 which is quite awesome :D It may not have Gilius as playable, but there's the sleek panther guy and the big barbarian!
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I always played as the dwarf:) (Smile) 
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This is the best Golden Axe art I've seen done traditionally. I loved playing it on the arcade.
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As you said, possibly one of the best side scroll games,EVER!!! Great art work as well
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Hi, can i try to colour this picture?
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Man, This IS a masterpiece. Great work!
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Oh! I loved Golden Axe, and those purple dudes were my favourites. So do Gillius...
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will you be making more golden axe stuff?
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Excellent job on the creature appearing less like a chicken.
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Definetely captures the spirit of the game well!! NICE!!!
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Funny. I found this on a youtube still while looking for a specific Golden Axe scene (of elves stealing your potions) that I'm trying to find for a friend of mine lol. Good thing you had that text at the bottom right otherwise I'd never find this. At first I thought it was some concept art for Golden Axe so I looked for it right away! Would have been too awesome for its time though haha. Nice work overall!

Gaming-wise, I love tricking skeletons that charge into you and having them jump off the cliffs instead of fighting you. I do this. every. time. It cracks me up so much.
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Thanks! Haha I used to do that too, bony fools
bizarre but i like it.
Hi, we used this picture on our blog split/screen co-op [link] Hope you don't mind. Please let us know if you are not happy with the way we've credited you. Cheers.
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cool, thanks!
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Have you seen THIS? [link]
I hope it's not plagiarised...
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That's Incredible! , I have to agree with Halibut Waffles...

Played that game for days when I was a kid
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Golden axe was amazing I still play it <3 I love Gilius he is so cool and Chicken Leg is adorable. You did such an amazing job with this, amazing style and you've captured a lot of energy and movement. :)
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