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GOLDEN AXE-Gilius Thunderhead



Okay, who played this game? Yeah, every respectable gamer did. This was probably my favorite game when I was young, and in my opinion one of the greatest side scroller/Action titles ever made.

This is Gilius the Dwarf, riding one of those purple bird things. We just called them Chicken Legs, I don't think they ever had an actual name, but riding the animals was probably the coolest part of GA. The other coolest part was summoning your ultimate badass spell and obliterating the entire screen of enemies with it. I remember chaining that with my friends to beat bosses. Beating the snot out of Death Adder for the first time was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Man, that was fucking cool.

So, in synopsis, Golden Axe Ownz You.
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Awesome I LOVE IT