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DnD: Storm's End Strike

By Gorrem
A preview from the upcoming Player's Hand Book II coming out this March, I believe. I could be wrong. But this piece was released early by my art director so it's okay for me to show you guys!

It's an illustration of a spell that adds lightning damage to your attack I think. One of the rare times you'll see me illustrate furries.

EDIT: My bad. FUllview now.
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Please Private message me, I would love to know your rates!

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Now that's what i call a headshot :D
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"Stings a little, don't it?" haha. Great stuff!
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Bam! Gorgeous work!
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Killer action and styley!
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Soceress beats the tar outta Yuan-Ti. I LOVE it!!
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this could very well be the most amazing smackdown i have ever seen illustrated.
beautiful work.
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Awesome follow through!
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I would very much.. like to put this on my desktop!
But sadly it isn't big enough.
Would you mind putting up a wallpaper size please...
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The electricity trailing the swing fulfills this image. Dynamic and energic!
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frikkin sick man
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I think this is amazing !
Nicely done. The feeling of action was well executed.
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This really stood out in the book as one of my favorite illustrations. Now I know who did it! Great work conveying the arc of the weapon and the impact, you can almost feel it hitting.
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Epic Motion...
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Amazing art!!
I love all the things of the image!! WOW!!
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looks really cool
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