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Woof woof! finally got a chance to do some creature design. My take on Cerberus from greek myth, the loyal guardian to the gates of Hades. My idea was to convey several animals mashed into one, busting at the seams, like ya do. I drew that insect-like tail in the beginning and for some reason it stuck.
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I just fount this.

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Absolutely love this critter and it's many tiny legs spouting off in every direction that I very much would like to touch. Despite every other aspect being more monster than dog, it's still drooling just like a real happy pupper would
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Dang, this thing is freaky. I freaking love it! :D
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Are you sure this isn't a dog-like Zerg
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This is a DAMN GREAT reimagining of the mythic creature. Great imagination :D
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that's  a interesting vision of cerberus
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Great but have you done an image for Orthrus?
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Here puppy puppy!La la la la 
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such a cutie! Does he fetch!?
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What is there not to love about this?! Reminds me of the Creature from John Carpenter's "The Thing." The extra dog legs are a great touch. And the mandibles was smart. Reminds me of the Predators. And the insect tail was a great switch for the snake head.
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Gruesome! Incredible!
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I'd like it as a pet! :dummy: It has cute beady eyes.
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Best Cerberus dog i've seen and scariest! Great work
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wickedly creative.
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love your design
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That is terrifying! Very nice :thumbsup:
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That's quite a sweet take on the cerberus. Well drawn to. 
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Interesting but I rather three dogs looking Ceberus because of Greek myth style. Anyway, nice.. Here is bright and shine:

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That is Aamir's piece based on my concept, he did a great job!
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I don't remember if I've commented on this before, but it's been in my favorites folder since you posted the piece. I keep remembering and returning to this creature design. Truly brilliant. Do more.
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Thank you! I really appreciate it.
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