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I had to redesign a movie poster for my digital imaging class. Since I've been obsessed with the ALIENS series since I was about 8, I chose to do a tribute to the entire saga. This was probably the least painful painting I've done in a long time, A) because I've been drawing these bastards for years and B) I used the burn/dodge method, which is an old and very familiar way of painting for me. This design isn't from a particular movie, so much as my own interpretation based on the various types I've seen from the movies and comics.
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that's one of my favorites
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The only thing wrong with this poster is that you can't show monster of your horror flick  in full grace. But it'd be awesome for a collector's edition cover.
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So weird. So cool.
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Beautiful, man. HR would be proud. But probably remain quite stoic and moody, in his HR Giger way.
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hi, your piece was featured here [link] ;]
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Looks beautiful and scary the same time, as an alien should be ;)
Nice work!
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from one obsessed Alien fan to another - wonderful, I *almost* want to cuddle her !
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Thank you for letting us feature your Amazing work! :iconfantasyfans101::iconshuffelinplz:
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WOW. Just. holy piss, this is amazing work. :)
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This really taps into Giger's genius, its so disconcerting. I also like the bronze sheen on this creature as well. It really brings out the inhumanity.

Finally, I like the leg. You think its an arm, but its a leg.

Keep up the good work! +fav!
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Love this piece. I too from a young age was all about the 'Aliens', this honors that series very well.

Now lets all hope that we get a GOOD Aliens movie in the future at some point!
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TY! We will, Ridley Scott is directing the next one!
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I heard that the Alien Prequel was put on hold while he is directing Prometheus, which MEANT to be the Alien Prequel. >:/
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No no, it is the prequel for sure! They are even using the Space Jockeys from the first movie.
QuackJAG's avatar
I hope so! I want to see right done by the Aliens once again!
oOGlosoliOo's avatar
I've always loved these creatures! :D
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This is really cool! It reminds me of the first time i watched alien when i was 4. (dad doesnt care much for movie certificates LOL) Anyway i like the way you done the alien its really eyecatching :)
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