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By Gorpo

Time to re-post this and let you all know I'm still doing this.

I'm open for commissions. 

$15 for a pencil drawing. $20 for an inked drawing. $40 for a coloured drawing. 

What I WILL do:  Drawings of any of my own characters from YAFGC (, House of Paulus or anything else from the Comix Blog ( Fandom characters: Star Trek, Doctor Who, Marvel, DC, Disney, Arthur, video games, whatever -show me reference and I'll draw it.  Original characters: D&D, fanfiction, your literary creations, etc. Caricatures/portraits of you or your friends in whatever situations.

A SHORT comic idea. 1-4 panel strips ($30.00 -that's more than one drawing there.) a full 8 panel page ($60.00) anything between is negotiable.  Illustrations for a story. (Drawings charged separately) Sexy situations are okay, I'll do some nudity.

***What I WILL NOT do.*** Sexist or racist stuff. Hard core, explicit sex scenes.  Overly politically charged material. 

I will not draw out your 500 page graphic novel epic story idea. I've always got a few of my own on the go and the muse is a fickle beast. 

Anything else, including pricing, is negotiable depending on amount of work needed or the content.  Shoot me a note! -Rich Morris

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Hi! I’m a medical student in UK working with the NHS to produce a bladder health poster for women in labour. Please can we use your picture of your baby hugging it’s mum’s bladder? Everything is for patient wellbeing

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I'm a YAFGC fan. I'd like a picture of one of my D&D characters in your style. How much would it be to get it posted to the UK please?

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Hallooo! And thank you! Well normally I don't charge for that since I generally finish them digitally and send them via email. But if you want me to print you a copy to send I can look into it and get back to you.

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If you're final work is done on computer, then I'm happy enough to print on my own printer. That's fine. It was just that 'pencil' and 'ink' made me think that you were working traditional style.