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Hey all! For those of you who follow my webcomic: "Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic," or YAFGC, I've come to a decision that the posting schedule of a new strip every day (it was EVERY SINGLE DAY COME HELL OR HIGH WATER! but since I've gotten very busy with work and fatherhood, it's been reduced to every weekday) is no longer something I want to do. I grew so anxious and disappointed by missing so many once life got busier that I lost a lot of confidence and love for the entire project. 

However, during my recent work  haitus I've had a chance to reconnect with it and the readers and have found a new enthusiasm for it and my beloved characters again, so I've decided that to keep it alive and manageable, I'm going to reduce my output to a new strip every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This will help to greatly extend my buffer and keep things fresh and moving. I hope you readers will be okay with it and stick with me as YAFGC enters its 9th year. 

Keep reading and thanks for sticking with me!

Rich "Beholder King", "YAFGCRich", "Gorpo the Clown" Morris.
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1.) Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.
"And I wanted to see you succeed. I pulled a few strings and .... here I am!"
(Panel 3 of a strip in YAFGC Vol.4 "The Axe in the Rock", the ghost of the former Baron Greyfort talking to Lucas.)

2.) Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What can you reach?
My wife.

3.) What is the last thing you watched on TV?
Elementary, season 2 episode 1.

4.) Without looking guess what time it is?
10:50 PM

5.) Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?
10:54 PM

6.) With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
My wife typing on her computer.

7.) When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
This afternoon, leaving work with my son to go and pick up my daughter.

8.) Before you started this survey, what did you look at?
Latest Deviant Art submissions and a YAFGC receipt on "Quickbooks"

9.) What are you wearing?
Jeans, blue tee with a rumpled olive drab button down shirt pulled over it. No socks.

10.) Did you dream last night?
I don't remember my dreams, generally.

11.) When did you last laugh?
Talking to my wife about how no matter how cheesy things are [re: old comic books], it's infinitely so when it references Canada in any way.

12.) What are on the walls you are in?
Photos of my wife's family, our children and our wedding.

13.) Seen anything weird lately?
Every day.

14.) What do you think of this quiz?
It's a bit mundane.

15.) What was the last film you saw?
[most of] Apocalypse Now.

16.) If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?
A bigger house.

17.) Tell me something about you that I don't know?
Who's asking?

18.) If you could change one thing about the world.
Fix the climate.

19). What do you want to learn in the future?
I've thought about doing biology or paleobiology.

20.) George Bush:
Keep it.

21.) Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?
No need to imagine. Her name is Jennifer.

22.) Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?
Our son is named Alexander.

23.) Would you ever consider living abroad?
Yes, temporarily for a contract. But there'd need to be a lot of things taken care of now that I'm married and have a family.

24.) What do you want God to say when you reach the pearly gates?
Well done!

25.) Tag six people who must also do this in THEIR journal:
  • Listening to: Mummy and Daughter reading stories upstairs.
  • Reading: "An Oak of Hope"
  • Watching: Sliders
Remember that stolen image? The 11th Doctor with some of the silhouettes of previous incarnations behind him?

Here it is again.…

Can anyone translate this one for me? What does it say on my artwork?
  • Listening to: Mummy and Daughter reading stories upstairs.
  • Reading: "An Oak of Hope"
  • Watching: Sliders
I don't know what it is about this particular drawing of mine. The ROUGH version, no less. But this is [at least] the 3rd time it's popped up for sale by some completely different artists. None of them me. Thanks to LordIffy and Ron Chevrier (assuming these are different people) for letting me know and showing me this link:…

I should get this one framed or something!

  • Listening to: Mummy and Daughter reading stories upstairs.
  • Reading: "An Oak of Hope"
  • Watching: Sliders
Obviously I don't update this enough. I'm only doing now, however, because the last one was announcing the 5th anniversary of YAFGC. Which was a while ago and I'm getting sick of seeing it.

Check out the latest batch of uploads and don't forget to read YAFGC and the ComixBlog!
  • Listening to: Mummy and Daughter reading stories upstairs.
  • Reading: "An Oak of Hope"
  • Watching: Sliders
Updates every day and haven't missed one yet!
  • Listening to: Mummy and Daughter reading stories upstairs.
  • Reading: "An Oak of Hope"
  • Watching: Sliders
I am going to be the daddy of a little BOY! :D
  • Listening to: Mummy and Daughter reading stories upstairs.
  • Reading: "An Oak of Hope"
  • Watching: Sliders
Hey all! Thanks for the huge response to my employement problem! I've got a kabillion commissions lined up that I'm still working on and some of them are ongoing regular things. You guys are the best!

As for what's going on next, I've landed a new contract [with the same old studio], so as of May I'm back in the work force and back to storyboarding TV shows.

I think I'm a little overwhelmed with commissions at the moment, but I am still interested. I've got a bunch on the go right now, but if you really want some of my work and you don't have a pressing deadline, drop me a line. If you've already heard back from me and we've got an agreement, don't worry, I'm still going to do it.

Thanks again for you help and support!
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I need the money, you need the pictures.

Limited time offer: Skype me and you can watch me draw it. Don't know how interesting that is, but I've got a camera.
I can be contact me: Livejournal(as "shenlo"), the ComixBlog, Facebook or my Deviant Art site (as "Gorpo").

Prices listed in are in US dollars.

Payment can be made through Paypal. Other methods can be negotiated if Paypal is not an option.

Digital Commissions
Digital commissions are scanned, touched up, inked and coloured in Photoshop and delivered digitally via email.

Sketch, no colour
Single character: $25.00 +$5.00 per additional character.

Inked B&W
Single character with background. $50.00 +$10.00 per additional character.

Full Colour
Single character with background $100.00 +$20.00 per additional character.

Traditional Commissions

Traditional commissions are hand drawn and inked on paper or card stock and delivered via snail mail.

Sketch: $50.00
Inked: $100.00
Inked and Coloured: $150.00

Sequential Commisions

That is: Commissioned comic strips or storyboard sequences.

Price negotiable, but comparable to the above as to content, presentation, size, with/without colour, etc. Depending on the length of the request, I may charge an hourly rate instead of a flat one.

Sample pricing: 1 page of 8 panels: sketched without colour (as seen in my webcomics): $40.00
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  • Reading: "Under Enemy Colours"
  • Watching: Horror Movies
  • Playing: Sit Meyer's Pirates (with Jenny)
I keep accidently clicking the print option on my Deviant Image Uploads.
  • Listening to: Halloween Music
  • Reading: "Under Enemy Colours"
  • Watching: Horror Movies
  • Playing: Sit Meyer's Pirates (with Jenny)
In addition to the fact that I'm still taking commissions, check out the YAFGC site, you can now buy a print of any strip in YAFGC that you like. There's a button at the bottom of each page.
$8.00 for a print of the stip as it is.
$12.00 for an inked b&w version of it.
$20.00 for a coloured version!
They come with a standard off-white mats and backboarded.
A little extra for shipping.
(Prices vary for special custom matting and oddly shaped strips ie: more than 10 panels.)
  • Listening to: Halloween Music
  • Reading: "Under Enemy Colours"
  • Watching: Horror Movies
  • Playing: Sit Meyer's Pirates (with Jenny)
Okay, followers. I'm open for commissions. My prices are visible here and, if you check the nav bar there, you can see my new portfolio (a work in progress, it will update). On the other hand, this site too can work as my portfolio. And if you aren't already, please read my webcomics:

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic,also available in book form!

And currently, Doctor Who: Outrage on my Comix Blog.

So come and get your custom art and help an artist!

-Rich Morris
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  • Watching: A curser trailing letters on a screen.
So really this is just a placeholder to get rid of that old one that bespoke of woes regarding the comixblog. It's okay. All fixed now. Everything is normal.
Anyone here who follows the Comix Blog, where I posted all of "The 10 Doctors" comic and currently post the "House of Paulus" and the "Doctor Who: Forever Janette" comics, will know by now that the page appears to be GONE. It's a server issue that we're working on, so hang in there. You can talk about it and learn as much as we know at this link:…

It's been a while since I've done a journal here. I guess I've been busy with updating comic stuff. Got more to share if I ever get around to putting it up. Ah well, hang in there! I'm still alive.
So I was cleaning out some webspace, prepping for the big ISP switchover, when I realized that I've got tons of gaming related artwork that isn't on display here. Some of it is and some of it is on my portfolio page, but most of it was on a website for the game(s) that I've since taken down and don't use anymore. Both campaigns are ....well, one's finished, the other is on a sort of an indefinite haitus. The artwork should be viewed. So I'm going to start putting them up here.
Prepare to be inundated with geek cartoonery and pointless joke explanations!
Okay buoys and gulls of DA. I'm taking commissions.
I need to make a bunch of cash to make sure that I can afford to get my family to Montreal for the holidays, so I'm pimping my l33t ski11z.

$20.00 for B&W
$40.00 for Colour
Oops.  Looks like my photoshop games upset someone.
Got reported to management of DA and all my piccies got pulled.
Oh well.  Didn't put a WHOLE lot of effort into them anyway.

Guess you'll just have to look at my ORIGINAL art instead.  You poor saps.
In the interest of turning this back into a gallery of my art rather than a feed for my Doctor Who geek comic, I have, or rather, my wife most graciously has, set up a blog site for that and other random comics I have made.  

I shall leave these first few pages here, at least for a while, until I get sick of seeing them, but they and future updates can be seen here:
Rich's Comic Blog

Thanks for reading!

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Stolen from *JessFox :iconjessfox:

1. Start Time - 7:44AM
2. Name - Rich
3. Astrology sign - Sagg/Scorpio
4. Gender - Male
5. Eye color - Greyish/Blueish
6. Favorite color - blue I guess.
7. Glasses - Yes!  For the first time in 30+years!
8. Tattoos - Nope
9. Hometown - Pincourt, Quebec (now living in Halifax)
10. Single or taken - Happily Married.
11. Sibling's name(s)- Helen  :icontripodmom:

12. Cut your own hair?:, I don't think so.
13. Did you do something in the past month that you regret?: Yes.
14. Skipped school?: Never
15. Bungee-jumped?: No
16. Punched someone?: No
17. Cheated on a test : Once or twice waaay back in Elementary school.
19. Broken into someone's house?: No
21. Been to a funeral?: Yes
22. Used a lighter?: Yup

24. Season - Autumn
25. Food - Seafood
26. Ice cream flavor - Chocolate
27. Candy - Jelly Babies!
28. Breakfast - Generally forgotten, but bagels are nice.  Cooked breakfasts on weekends, yum!
29. Person - Spouse!
30. Book - Lord of the Rings
31. Song - Varies.  (Currently, "What a Beautiful Morning", because of emotional connections)
32. River - St.Laurence
33. Place - My home.
34. Sport to watch on TV - Bleah.
35. Disney movie - Bite me.   Aladdin, I guess.
36. Disney princess - Jasmine
37. Name for a son - :D  Alexander
38. Name for a daughter - Jennifer.  We'll find out which of these soon enough!

39. Chocolate or vanilla?: Chocolate
40. Coffee or Capp.?: Capp.  I like 'em fancy.
41. Long relationships or one-night stands? Eternal.
42. Dogs or cats?: CATS!  *snuggles siamese*
43. Scary movies or comedies?: Scary!  But they're usually funnier than comedies.
44. Short or long hair on the opposite sex: It's all context.  I like both.
45. Croutons or bacon bits?: No thanks.


46. Chainsaws - Movies
47. School - Nostalgia
48. Cows - Ice cream
49. Canada - Awsome
50. Mouse - Cat toy
51. Hand - Not insured!


52. Talked on the phone?: Yes
53. Watched a movie?: Bend it like Beckem
54. Cried?: No.
55. Smoked?: no
56. Drank a glass of water?: Ew, no.
57. Used drugs?: No
58. Read a book or magazine?: "The 9 Month Caper" and "The Gift of Fatherhood"
59. Watched TV?: News
60. Looked in the mirror?: Yes
61. Taken a shower?: Yes
62. Taken a picture?: No
63. Listened to music?: Yes
64. Told someone you love them?: Yes

65. Time finished?: 7:54AM  GOTTA GET GOING TO WORK!