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YAFGC Strip DnD 9

By Gorpo
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What I'd like to do with this is get some feedback about where this is going to go. What happens next? What's Glon's adventure about and how do the ladies deal with it? How naked do they all get? Any ideas or suggestions?
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Lol this is hilarious i love this idea XD

I'm pretty sure Glon's gon end up being naked alot, so maybe the ladies be cheeky back, and suggest additional punishment like make him wear girl clothes or somethin' or pinching his ear or somethin' fun like that, just to teach him a lesson.

And Glon would be so determined to see some sexy ladies he'd keep thinkin' up big monsters to get back at the girls ?

Well this came super late but still, eh why not XD

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He should have known he was outnumbered and overpowered from the very beginning, but he went ahead anyway... thats our Glon XD
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I think that the obvious funny finale is that Glon ends up the only naked player (GM) around the table. 
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Yeah, that is kinda obvious.