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YAFGC Strip DnD 7

By Gorpo
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What I'd like to do with this is get some feedback about where this is going to go. What happens next? What's Glon's adventure about and how do the ladies deal with it? How naked do they all get? Any ideas or suggestions?
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Enjoying the story so far though it seems they're getting into a lot of trouble early on. Be interesting to see how they pull this back before it's too late

I like how they're realising they got hosed and going to try to work together now.  I think the escalation around the table appeals to me most and where it will go,  Like maybe the players start getting crafty with spells that create armor (Armour, Stoneskin, Shield etc) to get their clothes back and how the GM might deal with that?

And healing, would healing spells restore clothes?
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My guess:

The ladies get stripped completely. Glon suggests they can keep going, but they have to "pay forfeits"

The ladies get pissed and, somehow, get back at him