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Special treat this Halloween season for us! Not only am I continuing my own Thursday Hallowe'en horror RPG this year, but we've been invited to play with our old gang as they run their Hallowe'en horror RPG as well!! EEE!
I've updated the posters reflecting the collection as it stands!

Thursday 16: The Hauntings of Carpenter House - saw my new PCs investigating a haunted house (in fact, the haunted house of Thursday 6 from 2003!).
Thursday 17: The Secret of Devil's End - The investigators are sent on a new case, a haunted mansion in the UK!
Thursday 18: Murder in Sin City - In which I'll be playing a bartender at a casino where a murder will take place!

Very excited!
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Will the Thursday comics ever come back?


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Thursday 15 is canon...was not expecting that XD. I'm glad to see you and your friends keeping this alive, excited to see what you have in store.
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Thank you. And sure I've included it. Your interest in it helped me keep it going.

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Awww! Thank you! :)
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Oh, boy! :pumpkin:

I really wish I knew more about the Thursdayverse...

Would you ever consider writing an article about it for Quoth the Raven netzine? The deadline for 2020 has passed, but there's always Halloween 2021. ;)

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Sure if you think people would be interested! I love the ole' Thursday games. What sort of thing would you want me to write about it?

**EDIT** Just looked over at the QtR netzine page, the only thing that might be a problem is that the Thursday series are not set in Ravenloft. They're mostly 'modern Earth', like typical horror films.

My original idea had been to set up a sort of Friday the 13th/Halloween style series of stories, but after the 7th entry people were pretty fed up with my villain. So I started to diversify the stories a bit.

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There's a spinoff of Ravenloft called Masque of the Red Death, set on Gothic Earth.

It's basically Earth, with Earth's history, but an exiled Dark Power from Ravenloft was released into it, back in the days of Ancient Egypt.

Ever since, this Dark Power, known locally as the Red Death, has been fouling the water, so to speak. It has infected and corrupted the Weave of Magic; it stirs up, inspires and empowers evil creatures; it's isolated Gothic Earth from the rest of the multiverse.

Multiple villains are not an issue. ;)

Even if you don't tweak the Thursdayverse to fit some base Ravenloft mechanics like Powers Checks, or saves against Fear, Horror and Madness, articles about the Thursdayverse adventures and characters could be a great inspiration for MotRD campaigns set in the modern age.

Also, I'm willing to bet your game mechanics would be leaps and bounds beyond those offered by the last official MotRD sourcebook I read. The setting was great, there were fun feats and skills, but the classes were just bleh.

Fortunately, the Fraternity of Shadows who publish the 'zine are open to all sorts of game systems.

Having come to know - and love - your writing, I honestly think the Thursdayverse could be a great addition to next year's Quoth the Raven.

It would probably be best to check with the Fraternity of Shadows first, but they're a decent crowd.

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Thank you. I'll consider that.

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