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Thursday 17 - The Secret of Devil's End

The Ghost hunting group (GRU Paranormal Investigators) were hired by Dr. Edward Harrington to find and capture the ghost haunting the wealthy Duke Gerard Kai-Latibra and his family in Latibras House. A mansion of various architectural styles from all through the ages all built on top of a Roman Villa somewhere in England. 

They arrive and are greeted by the Duke and his family who are eager for the house to be cleansed of the unfriendly ghost who, for as long as they can remember, and recorded in the house's history for centuries, has harassed and terrified family and visitors.

It doesn't take long for them to find the ghost and make contact, but far from being threatening, this spirit of a Roman soldier seems to be trying to warn them!

Too late, however, as the family are all vampires. And they attempt to separate the party and feed from them. Most get away with scrapes and gouges, but Mario, the Paranormal Scientist, gets turned! 
It turns out that back in Roman times the villa, belonging to a Roman general named Paulus Bellator, was taken over and the family killed and/or embraced by none other than the former Emperor Caligula, who had at some point before been turned into a VAMPIRE!

Eventually they get out of the house and make contact with a Vampire Hunting group who go in and clean up after them. 

So this year's Thursday had one casualty, though he is now a member of the Undead and still an active member of the group. 
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Not the worst casualty I've heard of o3o And that might be a benefit in the future somehow (depending on the gamers). Sounds like you had fun!

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That must have been an amazing adventure!